Bristol employee pointing at a component of the Klug table system



Definition of Structural Integrity:

“Structural integrity is the ability of an item—either a structural component or a structure consisting of many components—to hold together under a load, including its own weight, without breaking or deforming excessively. It assures that the construction will perform its designed function during reasonable use, for as long as its intended life span. Items are constructed with structural integrity to prevent catastrophic failure”

At Bristol, we place great importance on the structural integrity of our products to ensure that each structure and component is fit for purpose under normal operating conditions and is safe even if conditions exceeds the original design.

The combination of the right quality materials and design gives us assurance that the product will perform for as long as its intended life span. That way, we also increase the lifecycle of the product, reducing landfill waste and the need to replace.

Bristol office chair in a testing jig for quality

Continuous testing

In order to keep our high quality high, continuous testing is at the core of our development processes.

For high levels of strength, stability and safety

Our products are compliant to standards set by international independent institutes that are well-respected authorities in the industry. Together, these industry standards are your extra assurance that our designs are safe – and built to last.

Warranty Assurance