Artiv Desking System


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Artiv System

banner-01 artiv workstation for open space office

Cost-Effective System

Product Description

The contemporary business life, workplace solutions help organisations to increase efficiency and productivity by supporting the management of information and effective integration of human and technological communication.

ARTIV is designed to provide solutions for the everchanging and developing technologies and new workstyles. It gives you the opportunity to design office space according to the new needs of organisational structures. Matching the expectations of today, ARTIV has a timeless design, thus the ability to fit any of the workshape needed in the future.


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Tests & Certificates

Indoor Advantage™/Indoor Advantage™ Gold



Bristol furniture products are certified to the most transparent indoor air quality (IAQ) standard for furniture and building materials. The SCS Indoor Advantage and Indoor Advantage Gold standard aligns ANSI/BIFMA M7.1 and X7.1, and CA 01350. It qualifies for many building rating systems, including LEED v4, BREEAM, and WELL Building.


Product Compliance
Bristol products have been designed and engineered to conform to ANSI/BIFMA (American National Standards for Office Furnishings) requirements for safety and performance.

artiv 38 leg for office table artiv curve leg for office table artiv square leg for office table artiv power leg for office table artiv diagonal leg for office table artiv straight leg for office table ARTIV CATALOGUE_ENV_2_6 Artiv workstation cluster of four with Presav2 office chairs and Zones Alpha mobile panel Artiv workstation cluster of eight with Presav2 office chairs Top view of Comcon R2.4 partition with Artiv table system Artiv 120 degree workstation with Presav2 office chairs Artiv manager table with Saya office chair and Presav2 office chair ARTIV CATALOGUE_ENV_ARTIV POWER LEG_1_11 artiv discussion table with power leg option enclosed with Comcon R2.4 partition system. Zones Alpha mobile panel is used along with some PresaV2 chairs artiv power leg workstation with presa v2 office chair in open workspace artiv power leg workstation for 4 person with presa v2 office chair ARTIV CATALOGUE_ENV_ARTIV STRAIGHT LEG_2

Product Overview

Artiv workstations in red panels with Presa office chairs

Designed for high performing environments

A high-performing workplace will provides a better work experience for people, and helps organisations achieve their strategic goal. Each organisation and its people are different, yet many offices today look and feel the same. Bristol uses Artiv system to help you envision an office that better reflects who you are and provides greater support for what you do.

Adapts to future needs

As the office landscape keep evolving through time, Artiv system is designed to be able to adapt to meet future needs. Workstations are most widely used application in today’s office. In order to support individual preferences, Artiv system has to provide sufficient power access needs to these individuals. Wire management becomes an essential feature of any workstations system and Artiv is designed to integrate advance wire routing system and power access above the work surfaces.

Artiv workstation in an open space office

Product Features

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