Decibel 43 Acoustic Panel


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Decibel 43

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Making Work Sound Better
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Product Description

The Decibel program began as an experimental project with a directive to explore how sound attenuation properties could be achieved within thin structural panels.

Since then we have embarked on a journey of design trials and numerous prototype tests to fine-tune the narrative and application of this product. This system was designed with architects and space planners in mind, to offer them the flexibility to plan large open spaces with acoustic privacy and the tools to personalise the system, so that their project could have its own unique look. As its chief function is to create acoustic comfort, we named the system Decibel, the unit for measuring sound.


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Tests & Certificates

Indoor Advantage™/Indoor Advantage™ Gold



Bristol furniture products are certified to the most transparent indoor air quality (IAQ) standard for furniture and building materials. The SCS Indoor Advantage and Indoor Advantage Gold standard aligns ANSI/BIFMA M7.1 and X7.1, and CA 01350. It qualifies for many building rating systems, including LEED v4, BREEAM, and WELL Building.


Product Compliance
Bristol products have been designed and engineered to conform to ANSI/BIFMA (American National Standards for Office Furnishings) requirements for safety and performance.

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Product Overview

decibel 43 independent hex pod in green fabric

Independent Modules

Create independent large structures with Work Pod Hex. Here you can build multiple modules that can fit together for space effectiveness. Led by purpose, backed by research, and driven by design, Decibel 43 will help you design great spaces so that we can work better.

Work Pod

Decibel 43 seamlessly combines furniture and Micro-Architecture. The elements create versatile space division and enclosures while keeping the overall feel of an open and social environment. They are designed to work together individually and collectively to create practical spatial concepts for group collaboration and individual privacy to optimise your office’s productivity and creativity.

decibel workpod in open space office
Decibel 43 Meeting Pod beside the Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable table and a row of Modu sofa against the concrete wall

Meeting Pod

It provides the option to create a ‘room-within-a-room’ for acoustic and visual privacy which can be fully integrated with media, data and electrical management.

The unit can serve as a video conference, presentation or meeting room- allowing privacy without isolation. The Meeting pods are offered in various sizes and can be fitted with fixed tables.

“Good design is intelligence and diligence made visible. The Decibel program aims to influence the idea of space planning with a user centric approach.”

Decibel 43 Seatpod with Mixo tables and Artiv workstation with Como Air in the background

Seat Pod

Create a lounge-based setting that facilitates casual collaboration and social connection. The back screen of the Seat Pod creates a versatile space division and enclosure while keeping the overall feel of an open, social environment.

Media Hub

Essential for private communication in public areas, the Media Hub provides a collaborative workspace for meeting in formal or casual contexts. Tall acoustic panels keep conversations in check and visual distractions out. The panel allows media and electrical integration. The acoustic panel is also with height adjustable meeting table.

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