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Planning Tool – pCon


Planning Tool – pCon

Welcome to Bristol’s planning tool, pCon. We’re here to help you enhance the way you create and present projects. This tool can be used by planners, architects or designers as well as a teaching tool for training future planners and interior designers

How This Benefits You

  • There are so many benefits of using Bristol configurable data together with the pCon applications.
  • INCREASED MARGINS. Work much faster and save resources
  • REDUCED ERRORS. Eliminate costly mistakes of your projects
  • AUTOMATE PROCESSES. Create fluid and integrated processes for the whole team
  • STIMULATE THE SENSES. Provides the WOW needed to close business opportunities with renders, panoramic 360° images, augmented reality and much more
  • MORE INDEPIENDENCE. Sales reps become more independent from the back office and provide a better service
  • SHORTEN RESPONSE TIMES. More effective services and increased competitiveness

To start using pCon you’ll have to register to the B2B pCon community, where you’ll be able to request Bristol’s configurable data and all the pCon solutions.


Solution Overview

An overview of the different pCon solutions available to you:

  • The Bristol configurable data is a powerful combination of different information types, such as geometries, visual interactors, materials, commercial data and much more.
  • We’re the first Malaysian company to provide configurable data to all our partners. This data is nowadays a requisite to create lean sales processes.
  • We invested in configurable data to increase the efficiency and quality of the projects created by our partners and the A&D community.

To start using pCon you’ll have to register to the B2B pCon community, where you’ll be able to request Bristol’s configurable data and all the pCon solutions.


B. pCon.planner ME

  • Professional application for space planning, product configuration, quotation and generation of engaging communication materials.
  • Partners can use our configurable product data in this leading application free of charge.
  • The functions are sophisticated and powerful, but intuitive to use
  • Create the environment using parametric architectural elements such as walls, doors, windows, floors, stairs and so on. You can also use floor plan (image, DWG or DXF) and directly insert Bristol’s products.
  • Creating engaging visual materials is essential for closing projects. pCon.planner uses the most innovative rendering technologies. The path tracing algorithm ensures a realistic calculation of the effect of light. The denoising algorithm, based on artificial intelligence, accelerates the noise removal process. You’ll have to try!
  • All materials in pCon are physically realistic, using the latest technology to ensure maximum realism. You can also create your personalized materials.
  • The Bristol configurable data should be installed separately after the installation of pCon.planner ME.

C. pCon.facts

  • The price list of the XXI century.
  • The commercial role requires constant movement and communication with customers, partners and with your own design team. With pCon.facts you have centralized access to all Bristol information and resources. An intuitive and incredibly professional solution.
  • Configure products, check prices, generate personalized images, access documents, share geometries, amaze your clients with augmented reality. Everything from your smartphone wherever you are!
  • Impress customers by showing the Bristol solutions you are proposing in augmented reality directly in their environment. Show possible variations in real time, save images and share them on the spot via WhatsApp or email.