Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow fabric
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Future-Ready Workstyle at Archidex 2019


Future-Ready Workstyles at Archidex 2019

Work Better: Future Ready Workstyles, Archidex 2019

Leading the industry with new solutions for higher productivity and better collaboration in the workplace, Bristol presents an inspiring showcase of products aimed at taking today’s offices to the next level. A better work environment leads to better performance. In line with their vision for the future to create well-designed, quality furniture for today’s offices, Bristol recently unveiled an innovative range of products in tandem with their “Work Better” campaign at Archidex 2019.

“Work Better” focuses on three key areas: agility and movement at work; collaborative and productive environments as well as ergonomics. In terms of creating a more agile office environment, the sit-to-stand table system, Vertigo 2.0 with independently moving tables and acoustic panels, allows users to easily adjust to their preferred position, as well as providing privacy on demand. Brava offers even more flexibility – this multipurpose bench consists of a top element that can be lowered into a seating area.

Modu sofas and Mixo coffee tables with Brava media bench in a waiting area

A collaborative work environment contributes to improved productivity

Bristol believes that a collaborative work environment contributes to improved productivity. An advanced acoustic panel system, Decibel 43 seamlessly creates versatile space division and enclosures while maintaining a social and interactive atmosphere.

For group settings, Modu provides a vibrant modular soft seating system that can be configured into dynamic, informal meeting spaces to foster more opportunities for collaboration. Combined with the height-adjustable and mobile Wobi Stools, ad hoc seats can be added on when the need arises.

The Liven chair can be adjusted from all angles

When it comes to ergonomics. Bristol’s iconic LIVEN chair can be adjusted from all angles to provide ergonomic compatibility with the user. The seat and backrest can be tilted in perfect balance with the body’s movement while the backrest lumbar can be set higher or lower to support the spine.

Liven chair in black leather with O Series table

The Best New Product Award

During ARCHIDEX 2019, Bristol received two coveted awards from the event: the Best New Product award for its LIVEN executive chair as well as the Booth Design Award in the Standard Structure Category (37 sqm and above) – Gold Award winner.

Bristol office chairs and tables displaying at Archidex 2019

Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow fabric and grey Liven chair Decibel 43 Workpod and Mediahub in blue fabric combined with Liven chair and Modu sofa Decibel 43 Workpod in green fabric Decibel 43 Mediahub with Como Air chairs in white mesh A classy waiting area with Decibel 43 Meeting Pod and Virtu SV sofa set Decibel 43 Seatpod with Mixo tables and Artiv workstation with Como Air in the background Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow and blue fabrics with Liven office chairs Decibel 43 Meeting Pod beside the Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable table Decibel 43 Meeting Pod beside the Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable table and a row of Modu sofa against the concrete wall Decibel 43 Mediahub with Modu sofa and Mixo coffee table Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow and Liven chair Top view of Decibel 43 Workpods, Mediahub and Meeting Pod

Credit: Office Concept

Myko chairs with Artiv meeting table and Callpod at the side in public library
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Collective Productivity


Collective Productivity

Designed to optimise the workplace, Myko and Decibel 43 Call Pod offers employees multiple seating and spatial options to carry out their tasks in a manner that is most conducive to them.

More than just a utilitarian space to get things done, today’s work environment is defined by how employees work and the dynamic use of different spaces. Private and open office spaces are also expanding to include more formal and informal collaborative workspaces as a way to boost morale and productivity. In line with these evolving work trends, Bristol’s Myko chair and Decibel 43 Call Pod are designed to address these needs with the aim to create higher synergy between teams in the workplace.

Based on the ideology of a streamlined multi-purpose chair, the highly attractive Myko chair offers more than good looks to complement office spaces. Distinctive yet versatile and mobile, this chair is meticulously crafted to work harmoniously in different seating configurations. As a chair for formal spaces, the chair exudes an air of sophistication with its elegant silhouette while keeping to optimal ergonomic and anthropometric standards.

Myko chairs in polished legs with Fadz meeting table. Decibel Meeting pod at the back with Virtu SV sofa

Easily adapts to different spatial requirements

When Myko is placed in more casual environments, it can easily adapt to different spatial requirements when the need arises. With a lightweight frame that does away with non-essential mechanical parts, adjustments to the chair are quick and easy, which makes it an ideal seating option for other purposes beyond corporate offices, for instance, hospitality, retail, hospitals, schools and recreational spaces.

Open spaces that encourage human interaction

While workplaces benefit from open spaces that encourage human interaction between employees, it does come with the issue of noise and distraction. Bristol addresses this concern with the innovative Decibel 43 Call Pod, a versatile and acoustically balanced private enclosure that seamlessly blends into open office spaces.

Decibel 43 Callpod with Modu sofa and Wobi stools in a hallway

The system was designed with architects and space planners

“This system was designed with architects and space planners in mind, to offer them the flexibility to plan large open spaces with acoustic privacy and the tools to personalise the system, so that their project could have its own unique look,” Bristol says. “It is designed to work together individually and collectively to create practical spatial concepts for group collaboration and individual privacy to optimise your office’s productivity and creativity.”

Overview of an open space office with Decibel 43 acoustic solutions furniture

Created for individuals to do focused work or make calls in private

The Decibel 43 Call Pod incorporates a worktop, internal lighting and ventilation system as well as USB ports and plug sockets for plugging in devices. Fitting one person at a time, the interior of the call pod is upholstered in fabric for a cosy experience. A glass door is also used to maintain a visual connection to the outside so that users won’t feel completely isolated from the surrounding office environment.

Decibel 43 Callpod in a chic cafeteria

Myko chairs in castors with Artiv meeting table in a pink room Myko chairs in blue fabrics in a training room with Vertigo 1.0 height adjustable table Myko chairs in polished legs with Fadz meeting table. Decibel Meeting pod at the back with Virtu SV sofa yellow myko chair in four star aluminium base in black smooth finish Myko chairs in red and yellow fabric with Fadz four legged table Three Myko chair in castors with height adjustable seat used with a Fadz round base table Decibel 43 workpod for eight persons workstation and two persons supervisor workstation Decibel 43 workpod in yellow fabric with blue Liven chair Decibel 43 Workpod with Liven chair and Modu sofa setting for breakout area Modern office with Decibel 43 callpod and meeting pod. Combined with Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable workstation and Modu sofa infront

Credits: Office Concept 

Modu sofa setting at a foyer with a mezzanine floor
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Innovations for the New Normal


Innovations for the New Normal

Bristol steps up to the challenge of creating workspaces for the new normal with an innovative suite of workplace solutions that emphasise on physical distancing.

As we move towards economic recovery, workplaces begin to adopt new approaches in response to post-pandemic requirements. Taking cue from social distancing protocols, Bristol presents an integrated system of post-Covid workplace solutions: assigning zones, building shields, and creating individual workspaces, aimed at easing the transition of offices to the new normal.

With the use of flexible systems, offices can strategically segregate their spaces into specific zones for enhanced social distancing purposes. Bristol’s Zones mobile panels seamlessly create private and multifunctional spaces with optimal distancing without compromising an open atmosphere.

shield polycarbonate screen shield polycarbonate screen shield polycarbonate screen Decibel Mobile Seat Pod Decibel Mobile Seat Pods in a library
Zones Alpha and Media mobile panels as dividers for a meeting area with Artiv meeting table and Myko chairs

Ideal for team meetings

Ideal for team meetings or group discussions, Zones Alpha comes with a fabric or whiteboard surface with MDF core while the Media model provides space for media integration. When it comes to setting up face-to-face barriers, it is vital to take the existing workspace configuration into consideration.

Bristol’s Shield polycarbonate panels can be incorporated into existing desking systems

Designed with this in mind, Bristol’s Shield polycarbonate panels can be incorporated into existing desking systems or panels to create simple but complementary barriers for workstations.

Shield can also function independently as a standalone mobile panel, for example, placing it side-by-side to form a walkway barrier. The panel’s polycarbonate material is also easy to clean, which makes it a versatile element to address hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Individual workspaces can also simplify physical distancing measures.

Bristol’s Decibel 43 Mobile Pods are excellent for creating micro workspaces that offer visual and acoustic privacy to minimise opportunities for close interactions. Users can easily move the mobile cubicles, which come with integrated casters, to designated zones. Each unit features a tablet table available in different height and widths. Decibel 43 can also accommodate a variety of features including ergonomic sofa seats with flexing back and electrical power units.

Decibel Mobile Seat Pod

Credits: Office Concept

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Versatility at Work


Versatility at Work

Characterised by its leaf-inspired backrest, the Ginko chair offers freedom of movement and comfort, enhancing your seating experience.

The Ginko chair is a superb way to introduce stylish functionality and ergonomic comfort into interior spaces. As its name suggests, Ginko is inspired by the Gingko Biloba leaf and expresses a lightweight and flexible form that you can use in casual environments like workstation offices, meeting, and collaborative spaces as well as lecture halls, home offices, lobbies, and bars. The design is versatile and can adapt to both formal and casual spaces.

Flexible and ergonomic, the backrest of the Ginko bends and flexes to your seating position, giving you support but also allows you to move in any direction. To encourage different positions, the flexible height ranges allow you to switch between sitting, standing or perching positions comfortably. The rounded seat supports your body optimally and provides omni-directional comfort.

Family of Ginko chairs in different level of podiums

Various Ginko models

As the chair is designed for a wide range of applications, there are various Ginko models available to meet different specifications. You can opt for just the stool or the backrest version, which comes with or without back padding and armrests. The bases include a highstool variant with a tubular foot ring that adjusts up to 250mm height, and a 4 legged variation with 85mm height adjustment. They are designed to be modular and can be upgraded or added-on for future changes.

Dynamism and movement

The versatility of the Ginko series will be certain to add dynamism and movement to your work space, whether it be at home or at an office.

Ginko chair in deep orange fabric with Artiv workstation in an office with a climbing wall

Family of Ginko chairs in different level of podiums Ginko chair back view in yellow seat Ginko chair with yellow fabric in a hotel room ginko chair M size with orange seat Ginko chair in red fabric and grey shell with Fadz table in white structure Ginko chair in deep orange fabric with Artiv workstation in an office with a climbing wall Ginko stools in blue seat with Fadz Elevate table Grey Ginko chair with Artiv table in a home studio with guitar

Credits: Office Concept

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Collaboration in Motion


Collaboration in Motion

Bristol’s Collaborative Spaces Collection brings together a selection of innovative elements to enhance collaborative zones in today’s workspaces.

Collaboration can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and creativity in the workplace. While every office may require a different approach to designing collaborative spaces, furniture is one of the most essential elements to ensure these spaces effectively support teamwork and interactivity.

Bristol’s Collaborative Spaces collection is curated to facilitate changing levels of engagement throughout the workday, where individuals can seamlessly flow from solo and focused workspaces to co-working zones. Flexibility and versatility are key when it comes to seating options, while tables, surfaces, and other furnishing elements offer more adaptability and accessibility.

Perfect combination

The Ginko chair and Wobi stool are perfect examples of versatile and mobile seating in this collection. Ginko, which comes with a leaf-like design for its back, is a lightweight chair that fits into both informal and formal work zones. As Ginko also comes with casters, you can easily move this chair around when the need arises. With its fun and trendy design, the Wobi Stool is a wonderful addition to collaborative spaces. It can be easily adjusted with a built-in handle and is light enough to be moved around.

Opportunities for teamwork

Communal or social furniture creates opportunities for teamwork and impromptu gatherings, leading to improved workplace connectivity. Modu, a modular soft seating system, is designed for dynamic collaborative spaces that call for a blend of comfort and style. Made from just two main components – a conical-shaped backrest and a cube-like seat, Modu features six upholstered modules to form the basis of a variety of configurations as well as four upholstery variations.

The collection also provides a wide range of tables to suit different specifications

For freestanding work areas, the Vertigo table can be quickly adjusted from sitting position to standing postures in just seconds. High meeting tables like the Forum series are ideal for informal discussion areas, while the Lift height-adjustable table creates a more dynamic workspace with a programmable desk panel that incorporates a TV or other tech devices.

Zones Alpha and Media mobile panel dividing the workspaces with Forum table and Artiv workstation

The Zones Alpha mobile divider panels

When more privacy is required, the Zones Alpha mobile divider panels create private spaces seamlessly without compromising open-space concepts. Zones Media can also be incorporated with TV screens or other media elements for a more interactive discussion space.

Zones Alpha mobile panel dividing the Artiv workstation area and brainstorming area

Forum high table with Ginko highstools infront of a Zones Media mobile panel Bira stools at the bar counter Wobi stools with Mixo coffee table in a design studio Modu sofas, Artiv table and Decibel 43 Meeting Pod at a foyer of a high rise building

Credits: Office Concept

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Not Sitting On His Laurels


Not Sitting On His Laurels


ENTREPRENEURS are always encouraged to dream big.But for Bristol Technologies Sdn Bhd founder and managing director Yong Yook Seng, 64, what matters more is taking things one step at a time to build the fundamentals of a company.

He describes his office furniture manufacturing company as a work-in-progress and a cumulation of many years of experience.Yong started his entrepreneurial journey from humble beginnings, starting as a small wooden boxes manufacturer based in Salak South, KL in 1980. He set up shop in his own backyard and hired only one staff.“I knew I had to start somewhere to become an entrepreneur,” he says.

This entailed getting wood scraps from sawmills

These boxes were used by a Japanese electronics company to package huge electrical items such as washing machines and refrigerators.He made 12,000 boxes a month and production went on like this for two years.But Yong was practical. He knew that such a business was of low value and would be prone to having many competitors given the simplicity of the product.And true enough, over time, he saw more of such manufacturers going into the business.But Yong was prepared. He had built a new revenue stream for the company.“I started visiting European countries to look for products that I can market in Malaysia, and I saw demand for chair components such as castor wheels, chair base, gas springs, tilt mechanism and other things,” he says.Yong explains that it was not particularly difficult to convince these European manufacturers to sell him their products as Malaysia was a new market for them and he was, in a way, opening up a new door for them.

The company also uses robotic arms to ensure strong welding for their furniture components.

But just as he had predicted intense competition for his box manufacturing business, he was just as aware that his chair components trading business would likewise face heavy competition in the near future. After all, there would be others who will be able to import these products as well.So while trading his wares to chair manufacturers, he plotted his next move for another revenue stream.In 1983, he established Bristol Industries as an office chair manufacturing company. Their new base was in a rented factory lot in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur. This time, he had 20 staff.He has fond memories of the company’s first premises despite it being an inconvenience at certain times of the year. The factory was located in a low lying area, which was prone to floods, particularly during the monsoon season in November and December. Imagine having to use boats to transport staff and products in the middle of an industrial area! Yong has experienced it.But business was brisk.In the first year alone, the company managed to manufacture and sell about 12,000 chairs to various offices.Yong continued to look for ways to expand the company’s market.They started participating in furniture fairs overseas and in 1988, started exports to Dubai.“We have to compete with more reputable furniture manufacturer such as from Italy. We worked hard on our design and ensure comfort of our chairs. Seeing and feeling is believing! Apart from that, we also made sure our chairs are competitively priced as well,” he adds.

Taking shape: One of the staff verifying the design of the components used in the furniture.

Their hard work and perseverance paid off. In 1990, they moved into their own 18acre factory in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.Yong also saw more opportunities in the furniture business to venture into.“We saw that many companies prefer one-stop solutions where they can get a variety of office furniture instead of getting different types of furniture from different manufacturers. Hence, we started to design other furniture such as office tables, partitions, sofas to cabinets,” he explains.And that was when the company really started seeing strong year-on-year growth.

Today, they have over 50 products and have nine offices worldwide, including in India, Thailand and Singapore. His staff count has also increased to 500.In 2015, they achieved a revenue of RM38mil and over 70% of their products were exported to over 20 countries such as India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the US.“When you grow a company to that size, it is no longer about solo entrepreneurship. It is about having good people to help you and teamwork becomes vital. Next is branding,” he says.He also ensures that his employees are able to see what is ahead to motivate them to work towards the goal.“We are also very careful and concerned of section heads who are not competent and could stifle the growth of people in their division,” he says.Yong keeps tab of everything that is happening in the company, from the development of his products to the development of his people.

This is why he is seated right in the middle of the ground floor of the office, in an open area where most of the staff would be discussing about work or having a break.Another aspect that he shared about growing his company is to always think ahead, and in some cases, it means thinking about the rain even when it is still sunny.“We make a habit to grow with very little bank borrowings. During the financial crisis, we did not retrench any staff,” he states proudly.In year 2000, they rebranded to its current name, Bristol Technologies, and invested a lot in advertising and promotions to build the brand name.Moving forward, they are planning to build a factory in India, China and Indonesia, which Yong hopes would materialise in the next two years.

by The Star Online

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Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2017


Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2017


KUALA LUMPUR, 12 December 2017 – Bristol by Bristol Technologies Sdn Bhd was awarded the title of Best Office Furniture Systems & Seatings at the annual gala of the Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2017, for its success in delivering modern and innovative designs that compliment the functionality and quality in its series of products.

Established in 1983, Bristol is easily one of Asia’s leading manufacturers in providing office furniture and seatings. Reaching as far as the Australian and American markets, Bristol’s accomplishment is well-recognised by its peers and the consumers.

Bristol Technologies Sdn Bhd was awarded the title of Best Office Furniture Systems & Seatings

L-R) Mr Alvin Chang, CEO of ACG Media Sdn Bhd; Mr Yong Yook Seng, Managing Director and Chief Designer of Bristol Group of Companies and Ms Juliette Hong, COO of ACG Media Sdn Bhd.

Bristol Group of Companies

The winners of Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2017 with (Encik) Abu Bakar Yusof, Lifestyle & Life Sciences Section Director of MATRADE’s Trade and Services Promotion Division, Mr Alvin Chang, CEO of ACG Media Sdn Bhd and Ms Juliette Hong, COO of ACG Media Sdn Bhd.

“Bristol is 37 years now, and we are good at what we do. Being celebrated as a trusted brand in office furniture recognises not just good design and quality, but also our dedicated and passionate team.” – Mr.Yong Yook Seng, Founder and Chief Designer of Bristol.

The gala dinner, held in Ruyi&Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre, was elevated by the presence of prominent dignitaries including (Encik) Abu Bakar Yusof, Lifestyle & Life Sciences Section Director of MATRADE’s Trade and Services Promotion Division and Mr. Samuele Porsia, Trade Commissioner from the Italian Trade Agency. Guests were entertained with BrandInspire sessions by Mr. Steve Wee, founder of Brand Yourself and the highly reputable Datin Winnie Loo, CEO of A Cut Above, where they shared their experiences in creating lasting and trustworthy brands.

“The awards presented tonight features the brands in the highest esteem, Bristol like the other winners tonight won over our trust and confidence in their core principles, and that trust is what reassures us that we are making the right choice,” commented Alvin Chang, CEO of ACG Media Sdn Bhd.

The annual Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2017 presented 20 awards to some of the most trustworthy and prestigious brands in the country and region.

Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2017 highlights excellence, creativity and commitment in the best home and living brands within the region. The awards captures recognition to brands that has both international appeal as well as a strong local connection. Honorees of the awards transpires what Metropolitan Home envision for in products and services that set themselves apart from competitors in their field.

Metropolitan Home since first launched in 2013, Metropolitan Home is Malaysia’s premier home and living magazine that crusades urban city lifestyle and exudes life’s best in high-end modern design and interiors. With an international point of view, Metropolitan Home has covered local and international stylemakers the likes of Zaha Hadid, Unit One Design, Kelly Hoppen, Neri & Hu and Oki Sato; award-winning interiors, decorating inspirations, state-of-the-art gadgets, must-visit destinations, and the best of the art and dining scene. Aimed at reaching the 2nd generation rich, this quarterly title is the ultimate guide to luxe living.

Bristol Group of Companies

A Malaysian company established in 1983, Bristol grew from trading chair components to designing and producing office furniture at its own facility in Kuala Lumpur. Today, Bristol delivers better workplaces through award-winning furniture and innovative design solutions to help customers achieve their business goals.

Research, development and design drive the core understanding of the workplace needs and are at the heart of the company’s strategy. Their design philosophy has always been simple, modern and minimalistic, with well thought out details. Placing importance on sustainability, each product is also made in compliance with international safety and durability standards. The company is privately-held and services markets in more than 30 countries through a network of 11 offices and 20 dealers.

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Bristol X Workplace Week International 2020


Bristol X Workplace Week International 2020


Join leading furniture manufacturer Bristol India for a lively panel featuring four industry experts, spanning diverse industries and roles. As workers (and businesses alike) stare at uncertainty and unpredictability in more than one aspect of their lives, the panel will explore the importance and the nuances of designing ‘work’ that is psychologically safe for employees; towards shaping a world of work that reduces anxiety and allows workers to remain focused.

Share your questions and participate in interactive live polls as the panelists share their challenges and physical and psychological impacts of the transitions on their employees, organizational structure, work space design and business.

Mr. Sumeet Anand

Over 25 years of work experience in Corporate Real Estate functions in reputed Architectural firms, Real Estate Consultancy firms and leadership positions at various multinational organizations such as Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC (India Real Estate Banking Head) and J P Morgan (Head of Real Estate South Asia) and in his last assignment as the Global Infrastructure and Logistics Leader for Genpact managing above 6M square feet of real estate portfolio across 30 countries Globally. Sumeet is a real estate veteran with an Architectural degree, a Fellow Valuer and is also a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Renowned for his orator ship and pragmatic insights, Sumeet has mentored many professionals in this field. Connect with him here.

Ms. Karen Plum

Ms. Karen Plum is Director of R&D at workplace consultancy AWA (Advanced Workplace Associates). Karen joined AWA in 1998, prior to working in HR and general management in the Financial Services sector and now has 20+ years’ experience delivering workplace projects for clients including Microsoft, Treasury Solicitors, Nationwide, PCUK, RBS, Grosvenor Estates and University of London. Karen leads AWA’s research programme – topics include knowledge worker productivity, cognitive fitness and virtual workforce management, and she has helped turn the results into workshop / gamified tools and regularly shares insights at industry events and on local Radio. Connect with her here.

Mr. Vistasp Bhagwagar

Architect Vistasp Bhagwagar, is the Principal Architect / Managing Director of the Design Firm, ARCHITECT VISTASP & ASSOCIATES (acronym: AVA) set up in 1997, providing Interior and Architectural Consultancy. Vistasp is a Registered Member of the Council of Architecture, an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Architects (AIIA), an active member of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) and a Registered Member of the Green Building Council. In addition to these, Vistasp has also had experience in teaching students of Architecture and Interior Design and has penned columns in newspapers and magazines. Connect with him here.

Ms. Geetanjali

Ms. Geetanjali is an award-winning writer and a TEDx and Global Keynote speaker. Educated in India and the United States, Geetanjali Pandit is an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur and Delhi University’s Faculty of Law. Her career in Human Resource Management spans over 20 years of Functional and Board Level experience. She has played a global role for EIH Limited (East India Hotels) and led the Human Resource function as the CHRO for The India Today Group, The Indian Express Group and Zee Media Corporation for a decade. Geetanjali’s book Buddha At Work has found global acclaim. As of January 2020 it is touching lives across 4 continents, 8 countries, 3 languages in 5 editions. Geetanjali has emerged as one of the finest global voices in the arena of practical wellbeing and practical spirituality. Connect with her here.

Patrick Yong Regional Sales Director of Bristol

Mr. Patrick Yong

Mr. Patrick is the Director of Sales for the APAC region at Bristol Group of Companies. He has 13 years in the furniture industry and has lived in Indonesia, India and Singapore. He is currently leading the Bristol team in India, Indonesia and International sales. Connect with him here.

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WPW international charity partners

Supported by industry partners

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Office Furniture Solutions For The Post Lock-down Workplace


Office Furniture Solutions for the Post-Lockdown Workplace

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.” Never did we think a day like this would come in our lifetime.

This epidemic which took everyone by storm, changed the way we do business, the way we interact with each other and the way we work. Things will change once restrictions are lifted and offices resume and the workforce will fire up their engines to pave the way for India becoming a super economy but office administrations will face a challenging situation of how to manage the workforce within the offices.

Workplaces which were built entirely on the concept of open offices will face the maximum challenges as during this pandemic period close contact between work forces is the last thing any office administration will want. Being in the office furniture industry, we thought of sharing few solutions which might be helpful for offices existing and new to promote the concept of human distancing.

White Artiv workstation in blue glass panel

Installation of higher front panels

Firstly, the introduction of wider sized workstations of minimum dimensions of 1500x750mm to increase the distancing between the linear seating arrangements. Installation of higher front panel with height 500 mm or more with non-fabric material as fabric has tendency to soak aerosol particles which may be released when the person sneezes. More importantly, it can be easily cleaned or sanitized by disinfectant soaked clothes or sprays.

Encourage the distancing

Installation of panels vertically across the workstations to encourage the distancing between the workstation. New offices can think of bringing back the panel based systems which creates more sense of enclosed space.

Artiv workstation with decorative sticker on glass panel

Panel or cubicle workstations

Bristol has many adaptable products such as Artiv, Klug, Decibel 43 that are easy to install and promotes distancing, creating an isolated work space for the user.

Mesh chairs are easier to disinfect

Usage of Nylon mesh based chairs wherein the seating and backrest both are made up of Nylon mesh can easily be disinfected and cleaned without any damage to the material in comparison to the fabric cushion based chairs.

Soul chair midback full mesh

Mobile furniture for configuration changes

Installation of foldable / mobile tables for meeting rooms for easier mobility of the tables to accommodate appropriate distancing from the multiple users in the room.

Swift tables in a circular layout ready for meeting

White Artiv workstation in blue glass panel Artiv workstation with decorative sticker on glass panel Soul chair midback full mesh Swift tables in a circular layout ready for meeting
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GOJEK, Indonesia’s first decacorn company, is an on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group based in Jakarta.

One of the pillars of GOJEK’s values is Speed: move fast, push boundaries. In their office expansion, their workplace requirements were for their employees to be able to work anywhere in any way, so that they could provide the fastest business solutions.

Products featured: Bira, Artiv, Fadz, Vertigo 2.0

3-min 4-min 5-min 6-min 7-min 8-min 9-min 11-min 13-min 15-min 16-min 20-min Slide 11-min
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Cipher, a young leading contactless smart card encoder manufacturer and application developer in the region was looking for stylish and modern furniture for their latest office in Kuala Lumpur.

Together with the designers, we worked to provide a range of quality furniture tailored to fit their requirements. Clean, sleek lines, fully-ergonomic chairs and high-end executive furniture.

Products featured: Artiv System, Soul Chair, Kanye

fff3a1e3 d89661c4 b8db9f2f a6f6b5f8 673f3ddf 2 1
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Vivifynet Pvt Ltd was founded after years of working in the business and investment industry. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with fundraising and networking guidance.

“As a results-driven organization, they are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary partners with the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level and this includes the office furniture in their company.

The client decided to furnish the new workspaces with Bristol products, because of their high quality and longevity, making it easy to add or adapt elements in the future. Earthy colours are used to set comfortable accents, functioning as an expression of the corporate culture.”

Products featured: Artiv System, Presa V2

vivify-net-2 vivify-net-3 vivify-net-4 vivify-net-5 vivify-net-1