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FMC, a leading agricultural sciences multinational company had set up base in Vietnam and was looking to create an office environment that encouraged growth and innovation.

They needed to have agile workplaces that allowed people to think, move and discuss in groups facilitated with tools. Bristol provided spacious 120 degree workstations that provide ample room for individuals to work, that are also future ready for any expansions, as well as agile meeting rooms that could transform according to the need.

Products featured: Artiv, Swift, Presa V2

Artiv workstations in red panels with Presa office chairs Artiv workstations in red panels with Presa office chairs f3 f4 f5 f6 f7
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Astra International


Astra International


When Astra International wanted to design their latest office in Jakarta, they wanted to ensure there was harmony at the workplace with nature and performance.

They focused on a common theme in their materials – natural rattan & wood materials, which also appears on the furniture used. In addition to the choice of materials, the furniture used must also accommodate the need to work while sitting or standing (Sit-To-Stand), both for work desks and meeting tables.

Products featured: Vertigo 1.0, Artiv

Astra-International-1 Astra-International-2 Astra-International-3 Astra-International-4 i1 i2 i3 i4 i7 i8 i6 i9 astra international office in jakarta astra international office in jakarta astra international office in jakarta



Zephyr is a software test management company from California which was designed by Lucid Design. They were interested in setting up an office in Bengaluru and tapping into the growing talent pool of engineers. When their CEO Samir Shah spoke about their vision of the Indian office, they made it clear that it had to be a flagship space.

The 7500 sft office is built over two stories and it took three months to transform the space from a bare shell to a loft style space for 50 people. The office furniture was supplied by Bristol with workstations for 40 featuring a gradient of Zephyr colours used in the dividers and conference room furniture.

Zephyr-1 Zephyr-2 Zephyr-3 Zephyr-4 Zephyr-5 Zephyr-6 Zephyr-7 Zephyr-8 Zephyr-9 Zephyr-10
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Co-labs set out out to create a vibrant co-working space in a shopping mall designed for rising entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs and corporates. They were looking for solutions that stood out from other co-working spaces in the scene by offering upscale furnishings and fully ergonomic furniture.

Bristol was approached to provide flexible solutions for their co-working space located in a shopping mall at a popular suburb in the city. Their brief was to create creative and collaborative spaces that could also offer privacy to different individuals working as well as private offices. Bristol customised furniture solutions for their meeting areas, café zones and workstations to fit their design profile and needs.

Products featured: Vertigo, Artiv, Soul Chair, COMO Office

co-work1 co-work2 co-work3 co-work4 co-work5 co-work6
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Media IQ


Media IQ


MiQ is a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies.

“Headquartered in London, MiQ has offices across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Their newest office building in India will be providing a contemporary work environment for around 60-100 employees: the primary goal in the planning was to develop space and opportunities for creativity and efficiency. The interior furnishings fulfil these demanding requirements with long-lasting products by Bristol – from flexible space-defining elements, ergonomic task chairs and workstation to conference and discussion tables”

Products featured: Artiv System, Como Office, Presa V2

Media-IQ-1 Media-IQ-2 Media-IQ-3 Media-IQ-4 Media-IQ-5 Media-IQ-6 Media-IQ-7 Media-IQ-8 Media-IQ-9
The Star


The Star

The Star is an English-language newspaper in Malaysia. Based in Petaling Jaya, it was established in 1971 as a regional newspaper in Penang. It is the largest paid English newspaper in terms of circulation in Malaysia.

Right from the planning stage, the architects and client had turned to Bristol for assistance with the office furniture: the product portfolio of Bristol made it possible to span the diverse functional specifications of private, public and workplace environments. The team’s break rooms are spacious and attractively furnished.

The-Star-1 The-Star-2 The-Star-3 The-Star-4 The-Star-5 The-Star-6
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Common Ground


Common Ground


As one of the premium players in the co-working space, Common Ground wanted to set

We understand navigating through this can be complicated, thus with our POST-COVID WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS, we have tried our best to keep it simple, balancing both long and short term strategies as an integrated solution.

Get in touch with our experienced consultants to understand the solutions available. We are here to help you navigate through this transition.

Products featured: Como Office

Common-Ground1 Common-Ground4 Common-Ground3 Common-Ground2 Common-Ground5
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Innov8 is the brainchild of Dr. Ritesh Malik who realised that the environment in which startups were nurtured was less than ideal because of the dearth of inspiring workplaces in India.

His idea to create more transformational workspaces became a reality in the form of the first Innov8 in Connaught Place, New Delhi which made news for being put together in a jaw dropping 49 days in an officially classified “”heritage building”” in the world’s sixth most expensive office market space. This pioneering Innov8 set the template for all future campuses which Dr. Malik.

Products featured: Artiv, Soul Chair

Innov8-1 Innov8-2 Innov8-3 Innov8-4 Innov8-5 Innov8-6 Innov8-7 Innov8-8 Innov8-9
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Arya Noble


Arya Noble


Arya Noble an Indonesian-based strategic and investment holding company focusing on healthcare and new ventures, was opening up a new office in the city.

Their office ambience and design was inspired by one of the 10 ARYA Ways,”Work with SMILE & STYLE: To love and enjoy one’s job; to apply elegant taste in appearance while working in an environment that is clean, neat, and casually yet artistically designed.”

The ‘neat’ nuance is manifested in a mature atmosphere with natural colors. The furniture uses a wood grain worktop, while the ‘clean’ impression is implemented by using glass as a divider. The design of a simple discussion table with Dual Access that can be accessed by users from different sides, with a minimalist structure reinforces the impression of ‘elegant’. Overall, the combination of furniture and interior creates a room with a warm ambiance.

Products featured: Artiv System, Bira Chair

Arya-Noble1 Arya-Noble4 Arya-Noble3 Arya-Noble2
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2020, Events
Workplace Week International 2020


Workplace Week International 2020


Join leading furniture manufacturer Bristol India for a lively panel featuring four industry experts, spanning diverse industries and roles. As workers (and businesses alike) stare at uncertainty and unpredictability in more than one aspect of their lives, the panel will explore the importance and the nuances of designing ‘work’ that is psychologically safe for employees; towards shaping a world of work that reduces anxiety and allows workers to remain focused.

Share your questions and participate in interactive live polls as the panelists share their challenges and physical and psychological impacts of the transitions on their employees, organizational structure, work space design and business.

Date 12th – 12th Nov 2020
Venue Zoom Video Conference
Location 06:00AM ET / 11:00AM GMT/ 19:00 Malaysia

Mr. Sumeet Anand

Over 25 years of work experience in Corporate Real Estate functions in reputed Architectural firms, Real Estate Consultancy firms and leadership positions at various multinational organizations such as Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC (India Real Estate Banking Head) and J P Morgan (Head of Real Estate South Asia) and in his last assignment as the Global Infrastructure and Logistics Leader for Genpact managing above 6M square feet of real estate portfolio across 30 countries Globally. Sumeet is a real estate veteran with an Architectural degree, a Fellow Valuer and is also a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Renowned for his orator ship and pragmatic insights, Sumeet has mentored many professionals in this field. Connect with him here.

Ms. Karen Plum

Ms. Karen Plum is Director of R&D at workplace consultancy AWA (Advanced Workplace Associates). Karen joined AWA in 1998, prior to working in HR and general management in the Financial Services sector and now has 20+ years’ experience delivering workplace projects for clients including Microsoft, Treasury Solicitors, Nationwide, PCUK, RBS, Grosvenor Estates and University of London. Karen leads AWA’s research programme – topics include knowledge worker productivity, cognitive fitness and virtual workforce management, and she has helped turn the results into workshop / gamified tools and regularly shares insights at industry events and on local Radio. Connect with her here.

Mr. Vistasp Bhagwagar

Architect Vistasp Bhagwagar, is the Principal Architect / Managing Director of the Design Firm, ARCHITECT VISTASP & ASSOCIATES (acronym: AVA) set up in 1997, providing Interior and Architectural Consultancy. Vistasp is a Registered Member of the Council of Architecture, an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Architects (AIIA), an active member of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) and a Registered Member of the Green Building Council. In addition to these, Vistasp has also had experience in teaching students of Architecture and Interior Design and has penned columns in newspapers and magazines. Connect with him here.

Ms. Geetanjali

Ms. Geetanjali is an award-winning writer and a TEDx and Global Keynote speaker. Educated in India and the United States, Geetanjali Pandit is an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur and Delhi University’s Faculty of Law. Her career in Human Resource Management spans over 20 years of Functional and Board Level experience. She has played a global role for EIH Limited (East India Hotels) and led the Human Resource function as the CHRO for The India Today Group, The Indian Express Group and Zee Media Corporation for a decade. Geetanjali’s book Buddha At Work has found global acclaim. As of January 2020 it is touching lives across 4 continents, 8 countries, 3 languages in 5 editions. Geetanjali has emerged as one of the finest global voices in the arena of practical wellbeing and practical spirituality. Connect with her here.

Patrick Yong Regional Sales Director of Bristol

Mr. Patrick Yong

Mr. Patrick is the Director of Sales for the APAC region at Bristol Group of Companies. He has 13 years in the furniture industry and has lived in Indonesia, India and Singapore. He is currently leading the Bristol team in India, Indonesia and International sales. Connect with him here.

Register here today.

Have you heard about WORKPLACE WEEK INTERNATIONAL 2020? The four-day online event (9-12 November 2020) offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from workplace leaders of leading organizations around the world (Twitter, JP Morgan Chase, PwC, Innocent Drinks, Skyscanner, Deloitte and more!) about how they’re navigating change in 2020 and what their ‘new normal’ looks like as they implement their ‘return to work’ strategies. Whether change has come about as a result of the pandemic, or whether it’s simply accelerated as a result of the challenges of 2020, this is your chance to hear first-hand what other organizations are doing when it comes to implementing new working practices, styles, technology and infrastructure to create positive and sustainable change. Sessions are just $15 each or $70 for an unlimited weekly pass – and all proceeds will be donated to charity partners: BBC Children in Need, Make A Wish and I Have A Dream Foundation. Visit for more info.

WPW international charity partners

Supported by industry partners

Thank you for attending Bristol’s webinar hosted in collaboration with Workplace Week International 2020 last week. The panellists covered wide ranging topics such as team performance, social cohesion, trust, leadership, crisis management and more, with useful and practical insights to move forward in today’s climate. Thanks to everyone’s effort, Workplace Week 2020 has raised a total of $20,000 for charity partners globally, and we are proud to have been a part of it.

If you did not manage to catch it, you can register to access the recording here.

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2020, Our Blog
5 Tips to Work From Home Effectively


5 Tips To Work From Home Efficiently

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide, many are now caught in the dilemma of having their staff work remotely.

Leaving the office behind has been a popular trend for a while, but to keep it sustainable and productive; here are a few pointers to make the transition smoother and more conducive for both yourself and your organisation.


Tip #2 Communicate often

It is important to let everyone know if you are in front of your computer or not. It is necessary to maintain a clear communication path with your colleagues. In today’s digital era, there are many different chat applications that will enable teams to work remotely.

Tip #1 Set time schedules

Ensure that you are available during work hours is key to collaboration when one works remotely. As your colleagues cannot see you at your desk, ensure that you set up your scheduling and update immediately if there are any changes. If you need to step out for more than 15 minutes, clear it with your team so there is no miscommunication if they are not getting any response from you.


Tip #3 Minimise distractions

As we are not bound to a desk in an office environment, we’re prone to work in an assumed comfortable position. You may be tempted to sit at the comfort of the sofa with the television running in the background, thinking that this is the perk, but it is counterproductive. It is best to set up a designated working space to emulate a productive home office. Minimise distractions like TV but have calming music playing in the background to eliminate the feeling of having the walls closing in on you.


Kleiber Air chair with mesh backrest and Needs table in a work from home setting.

Tip #4 A good environment ​

Productivity highly depends on your posture and sitting position. Just because you are at home, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to lie in bed trying to get work done, where it is a video conference, concall or replying emails. To have maximum focus and efficiency, have good lighting, invest in an ergonomic chair that allows you to sit comfortably with good lumbar support and if possible, a height adjustable table that will allow you to sit or stand when needed. Moving your spot to another in your home also functions the same way, just make sure the environment is also conducive for work.


Work from home on a Soul office chair with a Como office desk in chrome aluminium legs.

People can relax on a Virtu SV sofa while working a Loft notebook stand.

Tip #5 Set boundaries

At the comfort of home, we tend to get distracted by either family members or chores. However, if you have informed them about the new working arrangement, and set appropriate boundaries, you are more likely to work in peace. At the start, discuss expectations and the things that you need to work efficiently with your housemates and family, but also allow yourself the time to be with them during meal times. After all, these are the benefits to working at home.

The first few weeks of working from home are always the hardest. As a human, we crave social interaction with others. The work pattern and synergies you already have with your colleagues will also have a drastic change. The trust built with your team will also take on a different momentum. Allow some time to adjust, but keep disciplined and consistent to make it successful.

At Bristol, we believe that anyone can work better at home with the proper guidelines, tools and working environment.


Simple study room with Kleiber swivel chair and Needs table with a Wobi stool.

2 3 4 5
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2019, Our Blog
Improving Work Environments Through Tech And Acoustic Integration


Improving Work Environments Through Tech And Acoustic Integration


It is the creative hotspot in India for the modern commercial environment, bringing together various industry leaders to discuss the future of the workplace.

s1 s2 s3 Decibel 43 callpod in HPL finish s5 s6 s8

The two day event was packed with design discourse through the symposiums, panel discussions, keynote addresses.

Bristol’s Senior Industrial Designer, Aditya Vernekar was a panelist on the topic of “How Green is your Workspace” moderated by Nilanjan Bhowal. He shared the importance of sustainability and how Bristol has played their part in reducing the carbon footprint to the environment.

This year’s theme was workspace innovation and Bristol had the chance to showcase their new product range.

Designed to improve work environments through technology integration and acoustic privacy innovation.


Our booth design focused on 5 main themes.

Acoustic, Sit to Stand, Collaborative, Smart and Productive; won the 2nd Runner Up Design & Build Award for its creative use of space and overall booth design.


Call Pod, a new extension from our acoustic solution range, Decibel 43

Among the new innovative products that marked their debut in this year’s exhibition was the Call Pod.

A new extension from our acoustic solution range, Decibel 43 and our first multi-purpose bench, Brava.


Bristol’s first modular multimedia collaborative bench, Brava.

It consists of two segments, an upholstered or PVC high bench which can be used for sitting, creating a partition between sections or to lean on.

Second, is an integration of a media/ TV with a library to hold meetings when it is elevated.


Our newly updated Delhi and Mumbai showroom welcomes everyone for a visit.

Please contact us at [email protected] or +91 99111 37359/+6012 683 1221 for enquiry or to book an appointment to our showroom.