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5 Tips to Work From Home Effectively


5 Tips To Work From Home Efficiently

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide, many are now caught in the dilemma of having their staff work remotely.

Leaving the office behind has been a popular trend for a while, but to keep it sustainable and productive; here are a few pointers to make the transition smoother and more conducive for both yourself and your organisation.


Tip #2 Communicate often

It is important to let everyone know if you are in front of your computer or not. It is necessary to maintain a clear communication path with your colleagues. In today’s digital era, there are many different chat applications that will enable teams to work remotely.

Tip #1 Set time schedules

Ensure that you are available during work hours is key to collaboration when one works remotely. As your colleagues cannot see you at your desk, ensure that you set up your scheduling and update immediately if there are any changes. If you need to step out for more than 15 minutes, clear it with your team so there is no miscommunication if they are not getting any response from you.


Tip #3 Minimise distractions

As we are not bound to a desk in an office environment, we’re prone to work in an assumed comfortable position. You may be tempted to sit at the comfort of the sofa with the television running in the background, thinking that this is the perk, but it is counterproductive. It is best to set up a designated working space to emulate a productive home office. Minimise distractions like TV but have calming music playing in the background to eliminate the feeling of having the walls closing in on you.


Kleiber Air chair with mesh backrest and Needs table in a work from home setting.

Tip #4 A good environment ​

Productivity highly depends on your posture and sitting position. Just because you are at home, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to lie in bed trying to get work done, where it is a video conference, concall or replying emails. To have maximum focus and efficiency, have good lighting, invest in an ergonomic chair that allows you to sit comfortably with good lumbar support and if possible, a height adjustable table that will allow you to sit or stand when needed. Moving your spot to another in your home also functions the same way, just make sure the environment is also conducive for work.


Work from home on a Soul office chair with a Como office desk in chrome aluminium legs.

People can relax on a Virtu SV sofa while working a Loft notebook stand.

Tip #5 Set boundaries

At the comfort of home, we tend to get distracted by either family members or chores. However, if you have informed them about the new working arrangement, and set appropriate boundaries, you are more likely to work in peace. At the start, discuss expectations and the things that you need to work efficiently with your housemates and family, but also allow yourself the time to be with them during meal times. After all, these are the benefits to working at home.

The first few weeks of working from home are always the hardest. As a human, we crave social interaction with others. The work pattern and synergies you already have with your colleagues will also have a drastic change. The trust built with your team will also take on a different momentum. Allow some time to adjust, but keep disciplined and consistent to make it successful.

At Bristol, we believe that anyone can work better at home with the proper guidelines, tools and working environment.


Simple study room with Kleiber swivel chair and Needs table with a Wobi stool.

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