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UTHM Student Insight Visits


UTHM Student Insight Visits

Student Insight Visits at Bristol: Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)

In a dynamic synergy of academia and industry, UTHM’s Bachelor of Technology Management (Furniture Design and Manufacturing) students explored the cutting-edge world of Bristol Technologies on December 14, 2023.

The students immersed themselves in Bristol’s innovative hub, gaining firsthand insights into advanced operations and technological marvels shaping furniture design and manufacturing.

Bristol takes pride in bridging academic knowledge with industry applications. This visit nurtured the next generation of leaders, providing a tangible link between theory and practice.

Engaging presentations and guided tours empowered students, offering a deeper understanding of the industry. Bristol Technologies is thrilled to contribute to their academic and professional journey.

A warm thank you to the UTHM students for their curiosity and enthusiasm. The reciprocal learning environment enriched both hosts and guests, fostering a culture of collaborative knowledge exchange.

Anticipating future collaborations, Bristol remains committed to supporting and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. The seeds of inspiration sown during this visit are poised to blossom into a shared legacy of excellence.

This exchange between UTHM students and Bristol Technologies symbolizes the potent fusion of education and industry, lighting the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds.

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For additional information or clarification, please contact:

Beatrice Yong
[email protected]

archidex star award logo
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Swell Chair wins ARCHIDEX Star Award 2023




Bristol Furniture shines as ARCHIDEX 2023’s triumphant star, securing the prestigious Star Award for its revolutionary Swell Chair. This honor underscores our commitment to pushing design boundaries and elevating spaces with cutting-edge craftsmanship. ARCHIDEX, the apex of Asia’s architectural events, annually celebrates innovation, and this year, our Swell chair takes center stage, testament to its captivating and transformative design prowess.

Swell chair collection at Archidex 2023

The Swell chair from Bristol Furniture goes beyond mere furniture; it harmoniously blends form, function, and innovative design, pushing the boundaries of design office to new heights. Drawing inspiration from both classic elegance and modern ergonomics, it exemplifies the brand’s commitment to crafting experiential masterpieces that redefine conventional office aesthetics. Whether in the office, homes, lounges, or executive rooms, the Swell chair caters to various settings and individuals, from nursing moms seeking comfort to the elderly yearning for support.

The Swell chair collection introduces three distinct models, each uniquely imbued with advanced features:

  • 360-Degree Swivel: Effortless rotation for seamless conversations and focus shifts.

  • 21-Degree Rocking Motion: Gentle rocking for relaxation and contemplation

  • Tilting Function with Upright Locking Mechanism: Recline with stability.

Client sitting on the Swell chair in brown and orange fabric

The Swell chair’s triumph goes beyond its remarkable features, symbolizing Bristol Furniture’s unwavering commitment to enhancing lives through design. It reshapes the furniture-user relationship, melding functionality with artistry. At ARCHIDEX 2023, it showcased design innovation, sustainability, and aesthetic allure. As Bristol Furniture transforms spaces, the Swell chair embodies excellence and celebrates the art of living. The ARCHIDEX Star Award 2023 underscores its impact and Bristol Furniture’s visionary ethos, honoring a philosophy that elevates human experiences. The Swell chair holds a lasting place in design history.

More info on Swell chair.

Clients enjoying sitting on the Swell chairs

archidex star award certificate for swell chair
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How is Ergonomic Office Furniture Beneficial in the Workplace


How Is Ergonomic Office Furniture Beneficial In The Workplace

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to provide comfort and support to the user, reducing physical strain and stress on the body. The benefits of ergonomic office furniture include:

closeup of person sitting on a presa v2 chair

Improved Posture

Promoting good posture and reducing pain in the back and neck is an important benefit of ergonomic furniture. To achieve this, ergonomic chairs should provide lumbar support and adjustable armrests, minimizing physical strain on the arms, back, and neck. A comfortable seat and backrest are also crucial. As for ergonomic tables, they should be adjustable in height to allow users to work comfortably, reducing strain on the neck, back, and eyes. In addition, they should have a spacious work surface and proper cable management to reduce clutter and prevent tripping hazards

Increased productivity

Ergonomic furniture can increase worker efficiency and productivity by reducing physical discomfort.

three workers walking down the office corridor

Reduced risk of injury

By reducing physical strain, ergonomic furniture can help to prevent work-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strain.

Enhanced comfort

Ergonomic furniture provides a higher level of comfort, allowing workers to focus on their tasks without distractions from physical discomfort.

Better overall health

Ergonomic furniture can improve workers’ health and well-being by promoting good posture, reducing physical strain, and increasing comfort.

Woman having discomfort with her neck and back

Incorporating ergonomic office furniture into the workplace can help to reduce the risk of work-related injuries and worker satisfaction. Overall health and well-being will be improved as well as the result of a better working environment.

Needs 2.0 table with white legs and Soul V2 chair in black mesh and cushion seat.
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Needs 2.0 Your Needs For A Change




Introducing the renewed four legs off­ice table, the Needs 2.0 office table. Designed with functionality and style in mind, the Needs is perfect for any o­ffice setting.

Its sturdy four legs design ensures stability, while its sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of class to any room. Whether you need a place to work on your computer, hold meetings, or simply need a flat surface to spread out your papers, the Needs table is up to the task.

Needs 2.0 table with white legs and Soul V2 chair in black mesh and cushion seat.

Its spacious tabletop and convenient size make it a valuable addition to any off­ice. Don’t let the name fool you – the Needs has everything you need for a functional and stylish workspace.

The Needs 2.0 is simply functional. It’s sleek, no-frills, but absolutely stunning. Perfect for gathering, dining or desk space in your study or living area. Flexible and durable enough to be used in a dining room, living room or additional kitchen counter space Needs 2.0 is designed for small places. Any stools of your choice can be placed under the table to save space when not in use.

Needs 2.0 cluster of four workstation with blue Radial privacy screens and Presa V2 office chairs

With four straight legs, the clean-lines of this table go with any style of furniture. We love that it doubles as a home office desk, kitchen countertop, or sideboard in your living room. This table suits many people from the minimalist to the family demanding everyday strength and durability. Put it in the dining or in the study room. The clean design combines well with many styles.

Needs 2.0 in full black with dual monitors arm and Presa V2 chair.
Needs 2.0 meeting table with Ginko chairs in light blue seats

The Needs 2.0 can also act as a meeting table. Various tasks require various forms of support. Teams can work together at tables that are intelligently intended to support them in any environment, including big conference halls and small project rooms.

Wire management tray can be installed beneath the table to route power & data wires.

Needs 2.0 meeting table showing the wire management feature

Needs 2.0 in full black with dual monitors arm and Presa V2 chair. Needs 2.0 table with white legs and Soul V2 chair in black mesh and cushion seat. Needs 2.0 meeting table showing the wire management feature Needs 2.0 linear workstation with blue Ginko chairs
MIID plaque in semi-transparent red colour
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UCSI Event 2022


UCSI Event 2022


UCSI University recently hosted 20EMPAT:9 MIID INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENTS’ SATURDAY 2022, an annual congregation of Interior Design students from all over the country, organized by Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID), with the objective of empowering the young creative minds of Interior Design students, the future Interior Design professionals, through the sharing of thoughts & exchange of ideas. Bristol acted as main sponsor for this year’s event, which was held on 11th June 2022.

Audience at UCSI event

This year’s event was in hybrid mode (physical & online) with 17 Universities and Institutions across Malaysia. Around 400 student participants, 50 lecturers, 20 MIID Councils and Judges joined the weekend event with 17 competitions, local & international guest talks, sponsors sharing session, lucky draw and performances.

To add to the event excitement, Bristol organized a Win A Chair lucky draw contest for all the student participants, lecturers and MIID councils. It was a rewarding Saturday for 3 lucky winners when they each bagged a Saya chair (MC Mechanism), Presa chair & Kleiber chair at the event.

Bristol Managing Director giving a speech at UCSI University

Bristol has been given the honour of judging the Furniture design competition together with IDr. Mohamad Faisal Ghazali, with 3 universities making it to top 3 (UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak, Taylor’s University, University Malaysia Kelantan). Congratulations to all the winners for your commendable achievements. For the record, First City University College will be hosting next year’s edition, 20LIMA:10 in 2023. See you guys in the UCSI event next year!

Winners at UCSI competition

UCSI University students and lecturer sitting on Bristol office chairs Bristol's designer in blue outfit giving a talk at UCSI University UCSI University students drawing in a design competition UCSI University students pose infront of their prototype UCSI University lecturer and students discussing infront of a displayed poster with one of the design from a contestant UCSI University students drawing in a design competition UCSI University students pose infront of their prototype A group of UCSI University students posing at the stairs of the university Audience clapping hands in UCSI University auditorium hall Bristol office chairs and table displayed on a green carpet in USCI University People posing with Bristol Ginko office chair and Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable table
Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow fabric
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Future-Ready Workstyle at Archidex 2019


Future-Ready Workstyles at Archidex 2019

Work Better: Future Ready Workstyles, Archidex 2019

Leading the industry with new solutions for higher productivity and better collaboration in the workplace, Bristol presents an inspiring showcase of products aimed at taking today’s offices to the next level. A better work environment leads to better performance. In line with their vision for the future to create well-designed, quality furniture for today’s offices, Bristol recently unveiled an innovative range of products in tandem with their “Work Better” campaign at Archidex 2019.

“Work Better” focuses on three key areas: agility and movement at work; collaborative and productive environments as well as ergonomics. In terms of creating a more agile office environment, the sit-to-stand table system, Vertigo 2.0 with independently moving tables and acoustic panels, allows users to easily adjust to their preferred position, as well as providing privacy on demand. Brava offers even more flexibility – this multipurpose bench consists of a top element that can be lowered into a seating area.

Modu sofas and Mixo coffee tables with Brava media bench in a waiting area

A collaborative work environment contributes to improved productivity

Bristol believes that a collaborative work environment contributes to improved productivity. An advanced acoustic panel system, Decibel 43 seamlessly creates versatile space division and enclosures while maintaining a social and interactive atmosphere.

For group settings, Modu provides a vibrant modular soft seating system that can be configured into dynamic, informal meeting spaces to foster more opportunities for collaboration. Combined with the height-adjustable and mobile Wobi Stools, ad hoc seats can be added on when the need arises.

The Liven chair can be adjusted from all angles

When it comes to ergonomics. Bristol’s iconic LIVEN chair can be adjusted from all angles to provide ergonomic compatibility with the user. The seat and backrest can be tilted in perfect balance with the body’s movement while the backrest lumbar can be set higher or lower to support the spine.

Liven chair in black leather with O Series table

The Best New Product Award

During ARCHIDEX 2019, Bristol received two coveted awards from the event: the Best New Product award for its LIVEN executive chair as well as the Booth Design Award in the Standard Structure Category (37 sqm and above) – Gold Award winner.

Bristol office chairs and tables displaying at Archidex 2019

Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow fabric and grey Liven chair Decibel 43 Workpod and Mediahub in blue fabric combined with Liven chair and Modu sofa Decibel 43 Workpod in green fabric Decibel 43 Mediahub with Como Air chairs in white mesh A classy waiting area with Decibel 43 Meeting Pod and Virtu SV sofa set Decibel 43 Seatpod with Mixo tables and Artiv workstation with Como Air in the background Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow and blue fabrics with Liven office chairs Decibel 43 Meeting Pod beside the Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable table Decibel 43 Meeting Pod beside the Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable table and a row of Modu sofa against the concrete wall Decibel 43 Mediahub with Modu sofa and Mixo coffee table Decibel 43 Workpod in yellow and Liven chair Top view of Decibel 43 Workpods, Mediahub and Meeting Pod

Credit: Office Concept

Myko chairs with Artiv meeting table and Callpod at the side in public library
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Collective Productivity


Collective Productivity

Designed to optimise the workplace, Myko and Decibel 43 Call Pod offers employees multiple seating and spatial options to carry out their tasks in a manner that is most conducive to them.

More than just a utilitarian space to get things done, today’s work environment is defined by how employees work and the dynamic use of different spaces. Private and open office spaces are also expanding to include more formal and informal collaborative workspaces as a way to boost morale and productivity. In line with these evolving work trends, Bristol’s Myko chair and Decibel 43 Call Pod are designed to address these needs with the aim to create higher synergy between teams in the workplace.

Based on the ideology of a streamlined multi-purpose chair, the highly attractive Myko chair offers more than good looks to complement office spaces. Distinctive yet versatile and mobile, this chair is meticulously crafted to work harmoniously in different seating configurations. As a chair for formal spaces, the chair exudes an air of sophistication with its elegant silhouette while keeping to optimal ergonomic and anthropometric standards.

Myko chairs in polished legs with Fadz meeting table. Decibel Meeting pod at the back with Virtu SV sofa

Easily adapts to different spatial requirements

When Myko is placed in more casual environments, it can easily adapt to different spatial requirements when the need arises. With a lightweight frame that does away with non-essential mechanical parts, adjustments to the chair are quick and easy, which makes it an ideal seating option for other purposes beyond corporate offices, for instance, hospitality, retail, hospitals, schools and recreational spaces.

Open spaces that encourage human interaction

While workplaces benefit from open spaces that encourage human interaction between employees, it does come with the issue of noise and distraction. Bristol addresses this concern with the innovative Decibel 43 Call Pod, a versatile and acoustically balanced private enclosure that seamlessly blends into open office spaces.

Decibel 43 Callpod with Modu sofa and Wobi stools in a hallway

The system was designed with architects and space planners

“This system was designed with architects and space planners in mind, to offer them the flexibility to plan large open spaces with acoustic privacy and the tools to personalise the system, so that their project could have its own unique look,” Bristol says. “It is designed to work together individually and collectively to create practical spatial concepts for group collaboration and individual privacy to optimise your office’s productivity and creativity.”

Overview of an open space office with Decibel 43 acoustic solutions furniture

Created for individuals to do focused work or make calls in private

The Decibel 43 Call Pod incorporates a worktop, internal lighting and ventilation system as well as USB ports and plug sockets for plugging in devices. Fitting one person at a time, the interior of the call pod is upholstered in fabric for a cosy experience. A glass door is also used to maintain a visual connection to the outside so that users won’t feel completely isolated from the surrounding office environment.

Decibel 43 Callpod in a chic cafeteria

Myko chairs in castors with Artiv meeting table in a pink room Myko chairs in blue fabrics in a training room with Vertigo 1.0 height adjustable table Myko chairs in polished legs with Fadz meeting table. Decibel Meeting pod at the back with Virtu SV sofa yellow myko chair in four star aluminium base in black smooth finish Myko chairs in red and yellow fabric with Fadz four legged table Three Myko chair in castors with height adjustable seat used with a Fadz round base table Decibel 43 workpod for eight persons workstation and two persons supervisor workstation Decibel 43 workpod in yellow fabric with blue Liven chair Decibel 43 Workpod with Liven chair and Modu sofa setting for breakout area Modern office with Decibel 43 callpod and meeting pod. Combined with Vertigo 2.0 height adjustable workstation and Modu sofa infront

Credits: Office Concept 

Modu sofa setting at a foyer with a mezzanine floor
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Innovations for the New Normal


Innovations for the New Normal

Bristol steps up to the challenge of creating workspaces for the new normal with an innovative suite of workplace solutions that emphasise on physical distancing.

As we move towards economic recovery, workplaces begin to adopt new approaches in response to post-pandemic requirements. Taking cue from social distancing protocols, Bristol presents an integrated system of post-Covid workplace solutions: assigning zones, building shields, and creating individual workspaces, aimed at easing the transition of offices to the new normal.

With the use of flexible systems, offices can strategically segregate their spaces into specific zones for enhanced social distancing purposes. Bristol’s Zones mobile panels seamlessly create private and multifunctional spaces with optimal distancing without compromising an open atmosphere.

shield polycarbonate screen shield polycarbonate screen shield polycarbonate screen Decibel Mobile Seat Pod Decibel Mobile Seat Pods in a library
Zones Alpha and Media mobile panels as dividers for a meeting area with Artiv meeting table and Myko chairs

Ideal for team meetings

Ideal for team meetings or group discussions, Zones Alpha comes with a fabric or whiteboard surface with MDF core while the Media model provides space for media integration. When it comes to setting up face-to-face barriers, it is vital to take the existing workspace configuration into consideration.

Bristol’s Shield polycarbonate panels can be incorporated into existing desking systems

Designed with this in mind, Bristol’s Shield polycarbonate panels can be incorporated into existing desking systems or panels to create simple but complementary barriers for workstations.

Shield can also function independently as a standalone mobile panel, for example, placing it side-by-side to form a walkway barrier. The panel’s polycarbonate material is also easy to clean, which makes it a versatile element to address hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Individual workspaces can also simplify physical distancing measures.

Bristol’s Decibel 43 Mobile Pods are excellent for creating micro workspaces that offer visual and acoustic privacy to minimise opportunities for close interactions. Users can easily move the mobile cubicles, which come with integrated casters, to designated zones. Each unit features a tablet table available in different height and widths. Decibel 43 can also accommodate a variety of features including ergonomic sofa seats with flexing back and electrical power units.

Decibel Mobile Seat Pod

Credits: Office Concept

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Versatility at Work


Versatility at Work

Characterised by its leaf-inspired backrest, the Ginko chair offers freedom of movement and comfort, enhancing your seating experience.

The Ginko chair is a superb way to introduce stylish functionality and ergonomic comfort into interior spaces. As its name suggests, Ginko is inspired by the Gingko Biloba leaf and expresses a lightweight and flexible form that you can use in casual environments like workstation offices, meeting, and collaborative spaces as well as lecture halls, home offices, lobbies, and bars. The design is versatile and can adapt to both formal and casual spaces.

Flexible and ergonomic, the backrest of the Ginko bends and flexes to your seating position, giving you support but also allows you to move in any direction. To encourage different positions, the flexible height ranges allow you to switch between sitting, standing or perching positions comfortably. The rounded seat supports your body optimally and provides omni-directional comfort.

Family of Ginko chairs in different level of podiums

Various Ginko models

As the chair is designed for a wide range of applications, there are various Ginko models available to meet different specifications. You can opt for just the stool or the backrest version, which comes with or without back padding and armrests. The bases include a highstool variant with a tubular foot ring that adjusts up to 250mm height, and a 4 legged variation with 85mm height adjustment. They are designed to be modular and can be upgraded or added-on for future changes.

Dynamism and movement

The versatility of the Ginko series will be certain to add dynamism and movement to your work space, whether it be at home or at an office.

Ginko chair in deep orange fabric with Artiv workstation in an office with a climbing wall

Family of Ginko chairs in different level of podiums Ginko chair back view in yellow seat Ginko chair with yellow fabric in a hotel room ginko chair M size with orange seat Ginko chair in red fabric and grey shell with Fadz table in white structure Ginko chair in deep orange fabric with Artiv workstation in an office with a climbing wall Ginko stools in blue seat with Fadz Elevate table Grey Ginko chair with Artiv table in a home studio with guitar

Credits: Office Concept

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Collaboration in Motion


Collaboration in Motion

Bristol’s Collaborative Spaces Collection brings together a selection of innovative elements to enhance collaborative zones in today’s workspaces.

Collaboration can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and creativity in the workplace. While every office may require a different approach to designing collaborative spaces, furniture is one of the most essential elements to ensure these spaces effectively support teamwork and interactivity.

Bristol’s Collaborative Spaces collection is curated to facilitate changing levels of engagement throughout the workday, where individuals can seamlessly flow from solo and focused workspaces to co-working zones. Flexibility and versatility are key when it comes to seating options, while tables, surfaces, and other furnishing elements offer more adaptability and accessibility.

Perfect combination

The Ginko chair and Wobi stool are perfect examples of versatile and mobile seating in this collection. Ginko, which comes with a leaf-like design for its back, is a lightweight chair that fits into both informal and formal work zones. As Ginko also comes with casters, you can easily move this chair around when the need arises. With its fun and trendy design, the Wobi Stool is a wonderful addition to collaborative spaces. It can be easily adjusted with a built-in handle and is light enough to be moved around.

Opportunities for teamwork

Communal or social furniture creates opportunities for teamwork and impromptu gatherings, leading to improved workplace connectivity. Modu, a modular soft seating system, is designed for dynamic collaborative spaces that call for a blend of comfort and style. Made from just two main components – a conical-shaped backrest and a cube-like seat, Modu features six upholstered modules to form the basis of a variety of configurations as well as four upholstery variations.

The collection also provides a wide range of tables to suit different specifications

For freestanding work areas, the Vertigo table can be quickly adjusted from sitting position to standing postures in just seconds. High meeting tables like the Forum series are ideal for informal discussion areas, while the Lift height-adjustable table creates a more dynamic workspace with a programmable desk panel that incorporates a TV or other tech devices.

Zones Alpha and Media mobile panel dividing the workspaces with Forum table and Artiv workstation

The Zones Alpha mobile divider panels

When more privacy is required, the Zones Alpha mobile divider panels create private spaces seamlessly without compromising open-space concepts. Zones Media can also be incorporated with TV screens or other media elements for a more interactive discussion space.

Zones Alpha mobile panel dividing the Artiv workstation area and brainstorming area

Forum high table with Ginko highstools infront of a Zones Media mobile panel Bira stools at the bar counter Wobi stools with Mixo coffee table in a design studio Modu sofas, Artiv table and Decibel 43 Meeting Pod at a foyer of a high rise building

Credits: Office Concept

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Office Furniture Solutions For The Post Lock-down Workplace


Office Furniture Solutions for the Post-Lockdown Workplace

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.” Never did we think a day like this would come in our lifetime.

This epidemic which took everyone by storm, changed the way we do business, the way we interact with each other and the way we work. Things will change once restrictions are lifted and offices resume and the workforce will fire up their engines to pave the way for India becoming a super economy but office administrations will face a challenging situation of how to manage the workforce within the offices.

Workplaces which were built entirely on the concept of open offices will face the maximum challenges as during this pandemic period close contact between work forces is the last thing any office administration will want. Being in the office furniture industry, we thought of sharing few solutions which might be helpful for offices existing and new to promote the concept of human distancing.

White Artiv workstation in blue glass panel

Installation of higher front panels

Firstly, the introduction of wider sized workstations of minimum dimensions of 1500x750mm to increase the distancing between the linear seating arrangements. Installation of higher front panel with height 500 mm or more with non-fabric material as fabric has tendency to soak aerosol particles which may be released when the person sneezes. More importantly, it can be easily cleaned or sanitized by disinfectant soaked clothes or sprays.

Encourage the distancing

Installation of panels vertically across the workstations to encourage the distancing between the workstation. New offices can think of bringing back the panel based systems which creates more sense of enclosed space.

Artiv workstation with decorative sticker on glass panel

Panel or cubicle workstations

Bristol has many adaptable products such as Artiv, Klug, Decibel 43 that are easy to install and promotes distancing, creating an isolated work space for the user.

Mesh chairs are easier to disinfect

Usage of Nylon mesh based chairs wherein the seating and backrest both are made up of Nylon mesh can easily be disinfected and cleaned without any damage to the material in comparison to the fabric cushion based chairs.

Soul chair midback full mesh

Mobile furniture for configuration changes

Installation of foldable / mobile tables for meeting rooms for easier mobility of the tables to accommodate appropriate distancing from the multiple users in the room.

Swift tables in a circular layout ready for meeting

White Artiv workstation in blue glass panel Artiv workstation with decorative sticker on glass panel Soul chair midback full mesh Swift tables in a circular layout ready for meeting
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5 Tips to Work From Home Effectively


5 Tips To Work From Home Efficiently

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide, many are now caught in the dilemma of having their staff work remotely.

Leaving the office behind has been a popular trend for a while, but to keep it sustainable and productive; here are a few pointers to make the transition smoother and more conducive for both yourself and your organisation.


Tip #2 Communicate often

It is important to let everyone know if you are in front of your computer or not. It is necessary to maintain a clear communication path with your colleagues. In today’s digital era, there are many different chat applications that will enable teams to work remotely.

Tip #1 Set time schedules

Ensure that you are available during work hours is key to collaboration when one works remotely. As your colleagues cannot see you at your desk, ensure that you set up your scheduling and update immediately if there are any changes. If you need to step out for more than 15 minutes, clear it with your team so there is no miscommunication if they are not getting any response from you.


Tip #3 Minimise distractions

As we are not bound to a desk in an office environment, we’re prone to work in an assumed comfortable position. You may be tempted to sit at the comfort of the sofa with the television running in the background, thinking that this is the perk, but it is counterproductive. It is best to set up a designated working space to emulate a productive home office. Minimise distractions like TV but have calming music playing in the background to eliminate the feeling of having the walls closing in on you.


Kleiber Air chair with mesh backrest and Needs table in a work from home setting.

Tip #4 A good environment ​

Productivity highly depends on your posture and sitting position. Just because you are at home, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to lie in bed trying to get work done, where it is a video conference, concall or replying emails. To have maximum focus and efficiency, have good lighting, invest in an ergonomic chair that allows you to sit comfortably with good lumbar support and if possible, a height adjustable table that will allow you to sit or stand when needed. Moving your spot to another in your home also functions the same way, just make sure the environment is also conducive for work.


Work from home on a Soul office chair with a Como office desk in chrome aluminium legs.

People can relax on a Virtu SV sofa while working a Loft notebook stand.

Tip #5 Set boundaries

At the comfort of home, we tend to get distracted by either family members or chores. However, if you have informed them about the new working arrangement, and set appropriate boundaries, you are more likely to work in peace. At the start, discuss expectations and the things that you need to work efficiently with your housemates and family, but also allow yourself the time to be with them during meal times. After all, these are the benefits to working at home.

The first few weeks of working from home are always the hardest. As a human, we crave social interaction with others. The work pattern and synergies you already have with your colleagues will also have a drastic change. The trust built with your team will also take on a different momentum. Allow some time to adjust, but keep disciplined and consistent to make it successful.

At Bristol, we believe that anyone can work better at home with the proper guidelines, tools and working environment.


Simple study room with Kleiber swivel chair and Needs table with a Wobi stool.

2 3 4 5
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Improving Work Environments Through Tech And Acoustic Integration


Improving Work Environments Through Tech And Acoustic Integration


It is the creative hotspot in India for the modern commercial environment, bringing together various industry leaders to discuss the future of the workplace.

s1 s2 s3 Decibel 43 callpod in HPL finish s5 s6 s8

The two day event was packed with design discourse through the symposiums, panel discussions, keynote addresses.

Bristol’s Senior Industrial Designer, Aditya Vernekar was a panelist on the topic of “How Green is your Workspace” moderated by Nilanjan Bhowal. He shared the importance of sustainability and how Bristol has played their part in reducing the carbon footprint to the environment.

This year’s theme was workspace innovation and Bristol had the chance to showcase their new product range.

Designed to improve work environments through technology integration and acoustic privacy innovation.


Our booth design focused on 5 main themes.

Acoustic, Sit to Stand, Collaborative, Smart and Productive; won the 2nd Runner Up Design & Build Award for its creative use of space and overall booth design.


Call Pod, a new extension from our acoustic solution range, Decibel 43

Among the new innovative products that marked their debut in this year’s exhibition was the Call Pod.

A new extension from our acoustic solution range, Decibel 43 and our first multi-purpose bench, Brava.


Bristol’s first modular multimedia collaborative bench, Brava.

It consists of two segments, an upholstered or PVC high bench which can be used for sitting, creating a partition between sections or to lean on.

Second, is an integration of a media/ TV with a library to hold meetings when it is elevated.


Our newly updated Delhi and Mumbai showroom welcomes everyone for a visit.

Please contact us at [email protected] or +91 99111 37359/+6012 683 1221 for enquiry or to book an appointment to our showroom.

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New Product Launch In Delhi, India


New Product Launch In Delhi, India


Bristol launched its new product range in Delhi NCR on Friday, 27th September 2019, introducing to make and sound work better with new collaborative options, acoustic range, multifunctional chair and many more upgraded products. An exclusive launch with an array of new products tuned with live music, drinks and dinner made the evening a much talked about event of the industry.

Bristol’s Managing Director, Mr. Yong Yook Seng talked about Bristol’s design philosophy in which people look forward for simple, minimalistic and great details in a product. A good product must be made with the minimum amount of components and it must be finished off with very fine, meticulous details. “We strive to thrive”, is how Bristol works in achieving its objectives.

g9 g8 g7 g6 g5 g4 g3 g2 g1

A well-designed work environment affects the culture of the organization and the motivation of the workforce which will enhance the productivity of the employees.

We’ve designed four different spaces (Acoustic, Sit-to-stand, Collaborative and Seating) to show how Bristol products can be integrated to create an office that not only looks good, but caters to the company’s most valuable asset, its workforce.

“This year has been an exciting journey with global chapter launches of our new product range and initiation of our new campaign Work Better which aims to improve work environment through office furniture.

With the focus on agility and movement at work, collaborative and productive environments and ergonomics through seating, we believe that good product design can transform the workplace for the better”- Patrick Yong, APAC Director.


Bristol is not just a product manufacturer but is also a solution provider in the sector. Mr. Moon Talukdar

Regional Head North & West also highlighted on how at Bristol, we understand the client’s concern on expanding our capabilities in design with transformations.

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Welcome To The World Of Digital Space Planning


Welcome To The World Of Digital Space Planning


As an interior designer or architect, one of the main goals is to bring to life an artistic vision for a work or living spaces and seeing out a project from conception to creation.

With pCon (link to, you can visualize different solutions, designs and provide additional product information immediately.

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Experience Augmented Reality through pCon Box & pCon Facts

Choose a Bristol product, configure to your specifications and plan using augmented reality to see it live through the screen.


Download 2D/3D Model

Download CAD models in different formats (DWG, SKP, 3DS, etc.) into your plans.
Download & Watch tutorial video (link to

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Inspiring Offices


Inspiring Offices

A well-designed work environment affects the culture of the organization and the motivation of the workforce which will enhance the productivity of the employees.

We’ve designed four different spaces to show how Bristol products can be integrated to create an office that not only looks good, but caters to the company’s most valuable asset, its workforce.

We’ve designed four different spaces to show how Bristol products can be integrated to create an office that not only looks good, but caters to the company’s most valuable asset, its workforce.

product-1-8 product-1-7 product-1-5.2 product-1-2.1 slider-2 slider-3 slider

The Green Office

Adding elements of nature into a workspace have proven to have multiple positive effects[i], such as reducing stress and anxiety. Wall plants and adequate sunlight complemented with ergonomic furniture, translate into an overall happier and healthier workplace experience.


A client in Indonesia features our Artiv table,

smartly custominzed to integrate plants and nature into each table.

A green, livng wall incorporates nature in the office.

Not only does it circulate oxygen into the office, it also is beautiful to look at.


The Collaborative Hub

The culture of collaboration and teamwork does not happen overnight, it often needs the right facilities and policies to encourage it to grow. Provide a cosy, mobile common area for face-to-face interactions to help enhance workplace conversations and discussions.


Decible 43 Media Hub allows media and electrical integration while the acoustic panel is also fitted with height adjustable meeting table, perfect as a video conferencing area or quiet spot for a meeting.


Feature here is our Modu located in our client’s break out area for employees to have a relaxed and casual discussion.

The Agile Office

Keeping your body moving, and having the flexibility to work in different environments is a necessary condition for most work places today.

To encourage mobility and movement, You can create informal discussion areas which can accommodate large groups of people or discreet discussion in private. Throw in height adjustable tables on top of the usual workstation to provide options to stand or sit during their task. (Tip: Standing meetings have been proven to be more focused and effective compared to regular meetings[ii])


A space that features variety of workspaces to cater to different needs.


Buiding spaces to meet and discuss without having to build walls.

The Executive Office

A space that will impress. Create an exclusive office with materials and finishes that are luxurious and sleek, but doesn’t sacrifice productivity or comfort.


A private office suite that stands out. Spacious and personalize, it makes a statement about yout brand and the person sitting in it.


An executive office in Indonesia featuring the Liven chair and Kanye desk. A match made in heaven, both these products accentuate the prestigious interior of an executive room.

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The One Luxury You Need At Work


The One Luxury You Need At Work

In search of silence and peace at a modern day office

We live in a world of noise. In this day and age, we are constantly surrounded by distractions in an open plan workplace – music playing, people talking, constructing banging, phones ringing, and even the fan whirring.

The word noise comes from the Latin word nausea, emanating a sense of discomfort. The science shows that the effects of excessive noise can be bad for health, brain function and reduce focus. A well balanced room is an important factor to the performance and well-being of workers.
In this article, we explore ways to navigate work places and find a calm space with Decibel 43, so you’re able to do your best work possible.
Here are some potential scenarios at work that you may face.

product-2-1 product-2-2 product-2-3 product-2-6 _product-2-5 product-7


Acoustic work pods for concentrated tasks

Scanario #1

“I can hardly work uninterrupted for more than a few minutes at a time. Phone calls flying, loud conversations and nowhere to hide.”


Solution # 2

Work Pod Cubic

Your own personal nest if you could call it. Work Pod Cubic acts as a barrier in a workspace, shielding the user from unwanted sound & visual distractions in the office.


Work Pod Wave

Work Pod Wave can be used to create private zones that enable employees to operate in an environment that best suits their personal working styles. A small footprint makes it a perfect solution to utilize workspace efficiency.



Versatile acoustic hubs for group focus

Scenario #2

“These days, it’s more efficient for me to hold a small discussion groups rather than big meetings, but i rarely have a dedicated space to go that won’t disrupt the peace of the office.”


Solution # 2

Meeting Pod

Meeting Pod gives the user a more private ‘room-within-a-room’ to discuss & collaborate. Meeting Pod can also be fully integrated with media, data and electrical management.


Media Hub

Media Hub smartly combines a more formal and casual meeting style together where it provides a collaborative workspace for a small or large group. The panel allows media and electrical integration while the acoustic panel is also fitted with height adjustable meeting table, perfect to serve as a video conference area or quiet spot for a meeting.

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8 Office Design Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out


8 Office Design Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out

What’s in a brand?

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).

Beyond this, a brand also relates their values, personality, culture to their communities, both internally and externally. Big budgets are often spent on advertising, communications, product packaging design, visual identity but there is one area businesses commonly overlook – their own offices.

But why is it so much more important today to extend the brand to where you work?.

Our employees are our best advocates, and the office design plays a big part in inspiring employees to work, play and live better. And all of this helps to create a more positive impact on clients, partners or suppliers who visit.

Here we present 8 office design tips to help build your brand experience from the inside out.

3-1 Decible 43 workpod with grey liven office chair and Modu sofa in the background Modu sofas in yellow seat and grey back Virtu SV sofas in blue fabric with Cask Tv cabinet and Mixo coffee tables in a breakout area of an office 3-8 Worktools 3-12 3-13

Tips # 2 Consider the overall layout

There is no one size fits all. The layout of your office has a big impact on the way your workers and clients perceive your values. No matter which office design concept is applied in your organization, whether the traditional cubicle or the in-trend open plan concept, they have a major impact on how the space feels to visitors and employees alike. You can also choose to integrate both. Full-height acoustic cubicles give users a sense of visual and acoustic privacy, crucial for deep thinking tasks where absolute focus and silence are needed. Consider other spaces for collaboration and large discussions, technology for the other open areas.

Tip # 1 Defining your values

Brainstorming, identifying and listing down your values. This may help in more ways than you think – it helps to define the brief, and refocus on the principles that are most important to your work which then can be translated to the physical space.

Decible 43 workpod with grey liven office chair and Modu sofa in the background

Tip # 3 Focus on key touchpoints for different audiences

Employees and clients may view your brand differently depending on the day to day nature of the business. Different ways of delivering the same message can be tailored in each area, so that there is consistency and relevance to the different audiences. An obvious client touchpoint would be the reception area, so this should reflect clearly what you do and who you are.


Tip # 4 Choose the right furniture and furnishings

The right selection of furniture and décor can go a long way in representing your company’s values. For example, it can make your office feel comfortable, professional, trustworthy, fun. Explore ideas for your office, and you don’t need to follow the usual or traditional definitions of your industry. Mix it up a little. Imagine a legal office with elements of a boutique hotel or an art gallery. Co-working spaces have been leading the trend by bringing lifestyle into the workplace with café culture, the warmth from home, and a fresh new perspective on how and where we can work better.


Tip # 5 Add a few of your own touches

Personalising your office can add a differentiating factor to your employees and clients, for example, thematic names for areas or spaces, or interesting shapes / profiles for panels for different areas. Here are some examples of how you could personalize furniture for your office featuring Decibel 43.


Various side profiles to further personalize Decibel 43.


Graphic stickers to give corporate identity. Printed on 3M Vinyl stickers.

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Great Minds At Work


Great Minds At Work 01

Startup Doctor – Transforming startups in India through workspaces

Listed in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list 2016, Dr. Ritesh Malik’s passion of startups and entrepreneurship has created Innov8, India’s best (and fastest growing) co-working spaces.

Buzz words pop up in business jargon with great regularity – disruptor, game changer, thought leader – but oftentimes when they’re dropped into a discussion or presentation, they’re just those, buzz words which sound catchy without really meaning anything. However, in the case of Dr. Ritesh Maik, an India based doctor, entrepreneur and innovator, these words accurately describe him, his work and what he’s achieved so far. Dr. Malik at only 27 is the co-founder of Innov8, India’s hottest co-working space which has in the course of only 2 years spread to 13 locations – 4 already active and with 9 under construction.

Hailing from a family of doctors, Dr. Malik himself graduated from Dr. M.G.R Medical University in 2013 but his keen interest in all things entrepreneurial led him to take courses at London School of economics and Harvard University. His first start up kicked off even while he was still studying to become a doctor, when he started an augmented reality startup called Adstuck in 2012, which has since been acquired. Since 2013 under the aegis of Guerilla Ventures which he founded and is CEO of, Dr. Malik has started angel funding and mentoring startups.


4-2 4-3 4-4 4-1 4-5 4-7 4-6

This idea became a reality in the form of the first Innov8 in Connaught Place,

New Delhi which made news for being put together in a jaw dropping 49 days in an officially classified “heritage building” in the world’s sixth most expensive office market space. This pioneering Innov8 set the template for all future campuses which Dr. Malik distilled into 4 principles. “Firstly, location is crucial, we are always located in the heart of the city because this helps get the best mentors and develop it into the most vibrant community.

During this time, he realised that the environment in which startups were nurtured was less than ideal

because of the dearth of inspiring workplaces in India. “When I started investing in startups, I realised that India has the worst offices in the world – so I thought, let’s focus on creating the best office spaces because we spend more than 50% of our time there,” enthuses Dr. Malik.


“When I started investing in startups,I realised that India has the worst offices in the world – so I thought, let’s focus on creating the best office spaces because we spend more than 50% of our time there,”


Secondly, the design needs to outstanding so that it encourages idea pollination,

focus and productive environments within the campus. With these two in place, we then start creating a vibrant community, the third ingredient. Indians in general are introverts and have a strong sense of pride which stops them from talking directly to each other so within Innov8, we create a culture where people can interact with frequent events and community movements. Finally, technology, as we position ourselves as not a real estate or a design company, but a tech company.”

While all Innov8 campuses are built on those 4 guidelines, each Innov8 campus is unique and the design is developed based on the location’s context. For example, Innov8 Connaught Place, New Delhi has an open format campus and despite (or because of) its inner-city location has made space for a terrace with lush greenery. Innov8 Chandigarh which is located in India’s best planned city has an informal yet homely feel to cater to the diversity of its many freelancers. Being located in Bangalore the IT capital of India, Innov8 Koramangala provides closed formats with accents of local arts and crafts. As for Innov8 Boston House, Mumbai, which is located in India’s financial capital, the iconic Mumbai skyline is represented on its ceilings and it offers a rock climbing wall.


Innov8 Koramangala was designed with an abundance of greenery juxtaposed against the local arts and crafts of Bangalore.


Set in the IT capital of India, Innov8 Koramangala is slightly different in that it features a closed format campus.

While all interiors are designed by an in-house team, Dr Malik is deeply involved in their conceptualisation and is emphatic on maintaining high standards:

“Designing a campus is a beautiful process. We transform a space and place a lot of weight on the comfort which is why all our campuses use Bristol workstations. All these elements create an ergonomically positive work environment which being a doctor I understand the importance of.”


“We will never compromise on the quality of the product because people may forget the cost but they always remember the quality.”

Considering how inviting the campuses are, it’s no wonder they are always buzzing with activity like BBC’s 100 Women event celebrating the most powerful women in the world held in Connaught Place recently. Dr. Malik reveals that they have at least one event every three days to foster interaction and create a buzz both with external parties as well as internally. In fact, the respective Innov8s have also positively impacted the community around each campus. “Our campuses run at 100% occupancy and we also have a 100% retention rate. Innov8 represents entrepreneurship, good ideas should come to us and we are there to help them out. We do not care what sector you are in, we just want to help you to get your business off the ground. You don’t have to worry about your HR or food and beverage needs because we have an app where you can post what you require and our community managers will get it done. Focus on your work and we will take care of the rest,” explains Dr. Malik.

While it’s certainly impressive at how Dr. Malik and his team have created such amazing spaces and dynamic communities in 2 short years, his answer to what the most important lesson he’s learned during this process is typically inspiring: “I am not a management graduate but you do not need to know about management to run a business. What you need to know is that you should have the mastery on how to build a great product. All great companies in the world can’t have a sustainable business if they don’t have a great product. My aim is to build such a beautiful product that you don’t even have to market it. We will never compromise on the quality of the product because people may forget the cost but they always remember the quality.”

Liven leather office chairs with Como glass meeting table in chrome legs
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Liven it up, like a boss


Liven it up, like a boss

Bristol’s Liven – An executive chair made for the head of the table.

Iconic architect and master of the unadorned line, Mies van der Rohe had this to say about designing a seat: “A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier.” The German designer would know, after all he designed some of the 20th century’s most recognisable seating like the Barcelona and MR chairs. This dedication to perfection and single-minded persistence is reflected in Bristol’s journey when designing the Liven, an executive chair destined for greatness.

The Liven was conceived to meet the demand for a top of the line executive chair to complement Bristol’s range of high end chairs and tables, and as such it had to have presence and convey prestige. “We wanted to create a product that had a very contemporary form yet was classic in its look, a chair with an iconic design which would be timeless and could transcend trends,” explains Aditya Vernekar, Bristol’s Senior Industrial Designer.

Kanye Table and Virtu sofa with a Cask cabinet in a contemporary office with a cliffside sea view

5-1 Side view of Liven in black leather and back view of the gloss finish of the chair 5-4 Liven leather office chairs with Como glass meeting table in chrome legs closeup of liven office chair polished armrest with leather padding
Side view of Liven in black leather and back view of the gloss finish of the chair

A chair with great character, it is a perfect match for the high-end executive tables Bristol also offers.

Another aspect that shaped the Liven is the culmination of Bristol’s 30+ years of knowledge and experience. “If you look at the Liven’s seat curvature, we’ve refined the profile of the back rest compared to our preceding chairs, spanning three previous generations of chairs. The team took into account all the troubleshooting that went into Liven’s predecessors and put it into this chair to such an advanced degree that it would not be unfair to say, it cannot get better than the Liven,” enthuses Verneker.

Crafted from thermoplastic polymer and acrylic, the smooth high-gloss black finish of the backrest and seat shell was achieved by a precise polishing process.

The team looked to automotive designs for inspiration, specifically the sleek, sensual lines of Italian sports cars which is reflected in the stepped upholstery of the seat and the high gloss piano black casing resembling the exterior of a car bonnet– all which imbue the Liven with a strong stance yet feels organic when occupied, rather like sitting in the driver’s seat of a luxury roadster.

Kanye Table and Virtu sofa with a Cask cabinet in a contemporary office with a cliffside sea view

Despite the fruits of these decades of know-how, the Liven also underwent a rigorous R&D process which took approximately three years.

From prototyping to a battery of tests, the results allow the Liven to comply with the international ANSI BIFMA standards.

The biggest challenge the designers faced was the conundrum of building different categories of chairs on one platform: “Most manufacturers provide a few configurations in one design but we wanted to allow Liven to have up to 10 different configurations with different price points and aesthetic requirements. In the end, we’ve managed to design a chair series that shares the same core system and is efficient production wise.”


The Liven was designed as a broad product family for furnishing all areas within a company.

The rationale for this sort of customisation? While the Liven is a bosses’ chair, the Liven designers anticipated how designers would require some consistency in style for bigger projects. “When designers choose chairs, they’ll need a range of chairs to fit not just in the CEO’s office but in the board room down to the secretary’s desk. They would require a chair that works in different scenarios and could be a task chair or a meeting chair so we have made many different options from the same concept. One would be hard pressed to find a chair in the United States and Europe that is quite so versatile,” says Vernekar.

Liven leather office chairs with Como glass meeting table in chrome legs

The half shell back version is a winning choice for smart boardrooms.

Beyond its design, the Liven also allows for a wide variety of personalisation by virtue of the materials available ranging from aniline leather, PVC and fabric, something rather unusual as executive chairs are often very limited in this aspect. This versatility also extends to the Liven’s ergonomic features which include an adjustable backrest and arm rests and sliding seats, allowing for superior comfort for users of all shapes and sizes. It would not be unfair to say that despite being an executive chair, Liven has all the qualities of a very dynamic task chair.

closeup of liven office chair polished armrest with leather padding

Sliding upholstered armrests and seats allow for personalisation.

The Liven was soft launched at the China International Furniture Fair in Guangzhou this April, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Dealers have been raving over its distinct looks and competitive price point. It has also been specified for several international and local M&C companies and rather interestingly, has proven particularly popular with doctor’s offices. Indeed, it would appear that whether in a board room or clinic, plush office or home study, having a Liven executive chair is a sure sign that you’ve arrived.