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Innovations for the New Normal


Innovations for the New Normal

Bristol steps up to the challenge of creating workspaces for the new normal with an innovative suite of workplace solutions that emphasise on physical distancing.

As we move towards economic recovery, workplaces begin to adopt new approaches in response to post-pandemic requirements. Taking cue from social distancing protocols, Bristol presents an integrated system of post-Covid workplace solutions: assigning zones, building shields, and creating individual workspaces, aimed at easing the transition of offices to the new normal.

With the use of flexible systems, offices can strategically segregate their spaces into specific zones for enhanced social distancing purposes. Bristol’s Zones mobile panels seamlessly create private and multifunctional spaces with optimal distancing without compromising an open atmosphere.

shield polycarbonate screen shield polycarbonate screen shield polycarbonate screen Decibel Mobile Seat Pod Decibel Mobile Seat Pods in a library
Zones Alpha and Media mobile panels as dividers for a meeting area with Artiv meeting table and Myko chairs

Ideal for team meetings

Ideal for team meetings or group discussions, Zones Alpha comes with a fabric or whiteboard surface with MDF core while the Media model provides space for media integration. When it comes to setting up face-to-face barriers, it is vital to take the existing workspace configuration into consideration.

Bristol’s Shield polycarbonate panels can be incorporated into existing desking systems

Designed with this in mind, Bristol’s Shield polycarbonate panels can be incorporated into existing desking systems or panels to create simple but complementary barriers for workstations.

Shield can also function independently as a standalone mobile panel, for example, placing it side-by-side to form a walkway barrier. The panel’s polycarbonate material is also easy to clean, which makes it a versatile element to address hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Individual workspaces can also simplify physical distancing measures.

Bristol’s Decibel 43 Mobile Pods are excellent for creating micro workspaces that offer visual and acoustic privacy to minimise opportunities for close interactions. Users can easily move the mobile cubicles, which come with integrated casters, to designated zones. Each unit features a tablet table available in different height and widths. Decibel 43 can also accommodate a variety of features including ergonomic sofa seats with flexing back and electrical power units.

Decibel Mobile Seat Pod

Credits: Office Concept