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Office Furniture Solutions For The Post Lock-down Workplace


Office Furniture Solutions for the Post-Lockdown Workplace

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.” Never did we think a day like this would come in our lifetime.

This epidemic which took everyone by storm, changed the way we do business, the way we interact with each other and the way we work. Things will change once restrictions are lifted and offices resume and the workforce will fire up their engines to pave the way for India becoming a super economy but office administrations will face a challenging situation of how to manage the workforce within the offices.

Workplaces which were built entirely on the concept of open offices will face the maximum challenges as during this pandemic period close contact between work forces is the last thing any office administration will want. Being in the office furniture industry, we thought of sharing few solutions which might be helpful for offices existing and new to promote the concept of human distancing.

White Artiv workstation in blue glass panel

Installation of higher front panels

Firstly, the introduction of wider sized workstations of minimum dimensions of 1500x750mm to increase the distancing between the linear seating arrangements. Installation of higher front panel with height 500 mm or more with non-fabric material as fabric has tendency to soak aerosol particles which may be released when the person sneezes. More importantly, it can be easily cleaned or sanitized by disinfectant soaked clothes or sprays.

Encourage the distancing

Installation of panels vertically across the workstations to encourage the distancing between the workstation. New offices can think of bringing back the panel based systems which creates more sense of enclosed space.

Artiv workstation with decorative sticker on glass panel

Panel or cubicle workstations

Bristol has many adaptable products such as Artiv, Klug, Decibel 43 that are easy to install and promotes distancing, creating an isolated work space for the user.

Mesh chairs are easier to disinfect

Usage of Nylon mesh based chairs wherein the seating and backrest both are made up of Nylon mesh can easily be disinfected and cleaned without any damage to the material in comparison to the fabric cushion based chairs.

Soul chair midback full mesh

Mobile furniture for configuration changes

Installation of foldable / mobile tables for meeting rooms for easier mobility of the tables to accommodate appropriate distancing from the multiple users in the room.

Swift tables in a circular layout ready for meeting

White Artiv workstation in blue glass panel Artiv workstation with decorative sticker on glass panel Soul chair midback full mesh Swift tables in a circular layout ready for meeting
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5 Tips to Work From Home Effectively


5 Tips To Work From Home Efficiently

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide, many are now caught in the dilemma of having their staff work remotely.

Leaving the office behind has been a popular trend for a while, but to keep it sustainable and productive; here are a few pointers to make the transition smoother and more conducive for both yourself and your organisation.


Tip #2 Communicate often

It is important to let everyone know if you are in front of your computer or not. It is necessary to maintain a clear communication path with your colleagues. In today’s digital era, there are many different chat applications that will enable teams to work remotely.

Tip #1 Set time schedules

Ensure that you are available during work hours is key to collaboration when one works remotely. As your colleagues cannot see you at your desk, ensure that you set up your scheduling and update immediately if there are any changes. If you need to step out for more than 15 minutes, clear it with your team so there is no miscommunication if they are not getting any response from you.


Tip #3 Minimise distractions

As we are not bound to a desk in an office environment, we’re prone to work in an assumed comfortable position. You may be tempted to sit at the comfort of the sofa with the television running in the background, thinking that this is the perk, but it is counterproductive. It is best to set up a designated working space to emulate a productive home office. Minimise distractions like TV but have calming music playing in the background to eliminate the feeling of having the walls closing in on you.


Kleiber Air chair with mesh backrest and Needs table in a work from home setting.

Tip #4 A good environment ​

Productivity highly depends on your posture and sitting position. Just because you are at home, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to lie in bed trying to get work done, where it is a video conference, concall or replying emails. To have maximum focus and efficiency, have good lighting, invest in an ergonomic chair that allows you to sit comfortably with good lumbar support and if possible, a height adjustable table that will allow you to sit or stand when needed. Moving your spot to another in your home also functions the same way, just make sure the environment is also conducive for work.


Work from home on a Soul office chair with a Como office desk in chrome aluminium legs.

People can relax on a Virtu SV sofa while working a Loft notebook stand.

Tip #5 Set boundaries

At the comfort of home, we tend to get distracted by either family members or chores. However, if you have informed them about the new working arrangement, and set appropriate boundaries, you are more likely to work in peace. At the start, discuss expectations and the things that you need to work efficiently with your housemates and family, but also allow yourself the time to be with them during meal times. After all, these are the benefits to working at home.

The first few weeks of working from home are always the hardest. As a human, we crave social interaction with others. The work pattern and synergies you already have with your colleagues will also have a drastic change. The trust built with your team will also take on a different momentum. Allow some time to adjust, but keep disciplined and consistent to make it successful.

At Bristol, we believe that anyone can work better at home with the proper guidelines, tools and working environment.


Simple study room with Kleiber swivel chair and Needs table with a Wobi stool.

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The One Luxury You Need At Work


The One Luxury You Need At Work

In search of silence and peace at a modern day office

We live in a world of noise. In this day and age, we are constantly surrounded by distractions in an open plan workplace – music playing, people talking, constructing banging, phones ringing, and even the fan whirring.

The word noise comes from the Latin word nausea, emanating a sense of discomfort. The science shows that the effects of excessive noise can be bad for health, brain function and reduce focus. A well balanced room is an important factor to the performance and well-being of workers.
In this article, we explore ways to navigate work places and find a calm space with Decibel 43, so you’re able to do your best work possible.
Here are some potential scenarios at work that you may face.

product-2-1 product-2-2 product-2-3 product-2-6 _product-2-5 product-7


Acoustic work pods for concentrated tasks

Scanario #1

“I can hardly work uninterrupted for more than a few minutes at a time. Phone calls flying, loud conversations and nowhere to hide.”


Solution # 2

Work Pod Cubic

Your own personal nest if you could call it. Work Pod Cubic acts as a barrier in a workspace, shielding the user from unwanted sound & visual distractions in the office.


Work Pod Wave

Work Pod Wave can be used to create private zones that enable employees to operate in an environment that best suits their personal working styles. A small footprint makes it a perfect solution to utilize workspace efficiency.



Versatile acoustic hubs for group focus

Scenario #2

“These days, it’s more efficient for me to hold a small discussion groups rather than big meetings, but i rarely have a dedicated space to go that won’t disrupt the peace of the office.”


Solution # 2

Meeting Pod

Meeting Pod gives the user a more private ‘room-within-a-room’ to discuss & collaborate. Meeting Pod can also be fully integrated with media, data and electrical management.


Media Hub

Media Hub smartly combines a more formal and casual meeting style together where it provides a collaborative workspace for a small or large group. The panel allows media and electrical integration while the acoustic panel is also fitted with height adjustable meeting table, perfect to serve as a video conference area or quiet spot for a meeting.