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Collaboration in Motion


Collaboration in Motion

Bristol’s Collaborative Spaces Collection brings together a selection of innovative elements to enhance collaborative zones in today’s workspaces.

Collaboration can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and creativity in the workplace. While every office may require a different approach to designing collaborative spaces, furniture is one of the most essential elements to ensure these spaces effectively support teamwork and interactivity.

Bristol’s Collaborative Spaces collection is curated to facilitate changing levels of engagement throughout the workday, where individuals can seamlessly flow from solo and focused workspaces to co-working zones. Flexibility and versatility are key when it comes to seating options, while tables, surfaces, and other furnishing elements offer more adaptability and accessibility.

Perfect combination

The Ginko chair and Wobi stool are perfect examples of versatile and mobile seating in this collection. Ginko, which comes with a leaf-like design for its back, is a lightweight chair that fits into both informal and formal work zones. As Ginko also comes with casters, you can easily move this chair around when the need arises. With its fun and trendy design, the Wobi Stool is a wonderful addition to collaborative spaces. It can be easily adjusted with a built-in handle and is light enough to be moved around.

Opportunities for teamwork

Communal or social furniture creates opportunities for teamwork and impromptu gatherings, leading to improved workplace connectivity. Modu, a modular soft seating system, is designed for dynamic collaborative spaces that call for a blend of comfort and style. Made from just two main components – a conical-shaped backrest and a cube-like seat, Modu features six upholstered modules to form the basis of a variety of configurations as well as four upholstery variations.

The collection also provides a wide range of tables to suit different specifications

For freestanding work areas, the Vertigo table can be quickly adjusted from sitting position to standing postures in just seconds. High meeting tables like the Forum series are ideal for informal discussion areas, while the Lift height-adjustable table creates a more dynamic workspace with a programmable desk panel that incorporates a TV or other tech devices.

Zones Alpha and Media mobile panel dividing the workspaces with Forum table and Artiv workstation

The Zones Alpha mobile divider panels

When more privacy is required, the Zones Alpha mobile divider panels create private spaces seamlessly without compromising open-space concepts. Zones Media can also be incorporated with TV screens or other media elements for a more interactive discussion space.

Zones Alpha mobile panel dividing the Artiv workstation area and brainstorming area

Forum high table with Ginko highstools infront of a Zones Media mobile panel Bira stools at the bar counter Wobi stools with Mixo coffee table in a design studio Modu sofas, Artiv table and Decibel 43 Meeting Pod at a foyer of a high rise building

Credits: Office Concept