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Swell Chair wins ARCHIDEX Star Award 2023




Bristol Furniture shines as ARCHIDEX 2023’s triumphant star, securing the prestigious Star Award for its revolutionary Swell Chair. This honor underscores our commitment to pushing design boundaries and elevating spaces with cutting-edge craftsmanship. ARCHIDEX, the apex of Asia’s architectural events, annually celebrates innovation, and this year, our Swell chair takes center stage, testament to its captivating and transformative design prowess.

Swell chair collection at Archidex 2023

The Swell chair from Bristol Furniture goes beyond mere furniture; it harmoniously blends form, function, and innovative design, pushing the boundaries of design office to new heights. Drawing inspiration from both classic elegance and modern ergonomics, it exemplifies the brand’s commitment to crafting experiential masterpieces that redefine conventional office aesthetics. Whether in the office, homes, lounges, or executive rooms, the Swell chair caters to various settings and individuals, from nursing moms seeking comfort to the elderly yearning for support.

The Swell chair collection introduces three distinct models, each uniquely imbued with advanced features:

  • 360-Degree Swivel: Effortless rotation for seamless conversations and focus shifts.

  • 21-Degree Rocking Motion: Gentle rocking for relaxation and contemplation

  • Tilting Function with Upright Locking Mechanism: Recline with stability.

Client sitting on the Swell chair in brown and orange fabric

The Swell chair’s triumph goes beyond its remarkable features, symbolizing Bristol Furniture’s unwavering commitment to enhancing lives through design. It reshapes the furniture-user relationship, melding functionality with artistry. At ARCHIDEX 2023, it showcased design innovation, sustainability, and aesthetic allure. As Bristol Furniture transforms spaces, the Swell chair embodies excellence and celebrates the art of living. The ARCHIDEX Star Award 2023 underscores its impact and Bristol Furniture’s visionary ethos, honoring a philosophy that elevates human experiences. The Swell chair holds a lasting place in design history.

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Clients enjoying sitting on the Swell chairs

archidex star award certificate for swell chair