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Bristol Shines At Archidex 2023


Bristol Shines At Archidex 2023


Kuala Lumpur, July 29, 2023 – Bristol Furniture emerges triumphant from ARCHIDEX 2023 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, redefining living and working spaces. This premier architectural event showcased an extraordinary lineup including this year’s Archidex Star Product Award-winning Swell Chair, dynamic Vertigo 3.0 Height Adjustable Table, cutting-edge Bristol Acoustic Pods, versatile Radial Pods, playful Ginko chairs and transformative Zones Media Panel. Over four days, Bristol Furniture’s booth magnetized industry leaders, exceeding projections and solidifying its pioneering position.

Clients, partners, and colleagues from around the region came together for the exhibition.
Conference pod with Modu sofa and Brava divider inside
Part of the latest designs from Bristol, Acoustic Pods: Call / Mini Pod and Conference Pod. Featured here is the Conference Pod with Modu sofas and Brava divider.

Esteemed dealers and partners embraced Bristol Furniture’s latest design marvels, reaffirming its trailblazing status, setting new standards for excellence and innovation. ARCHIDEX 2023 transcended borders, garnering international acclaim as overseas clients and partners converged to witness the future of furniture design, amplifying the brand’s global influence.

Liven chair with Radial Pod workstation
Pictured above is Radial Pod, a panel system which provides a warmer, comfortable workspace environment due to its soft touch panelling and rounded edges. Featured here together with our award-winning Liven chair, which won a Best Product Award at Archidex 2019.
Guest sitting on Virtu and Lemoines sofa paired with the Loft coffee table
Guests enjoying themselves in our Virtu SV and Lemoinex sofas, which has unparalleled lumbar support design for a sofa.

“The remarkable success of Bristol Furniture’s participation at ARCHIDEX 2023 reflects our unwavering dedication to pushing design boundaries, redefining living and working environments,” stated Mr Yong Yook Seng, Founder and Chief Designer of Bristol Furniture. “We are thrilled to have showcased our creations to an enthusiastic audience. This reception underscores our commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence in the realm of furniture design.”

As the curtains draw on ARCHIDEX 2023, Bristol Furniture emerges as an enduring symbol of design brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on both peers within the industry and the wider public. The journey, however, is far from its conclusion, as Bristol Furniture remains steadfast in its mission to shape lives and spaces through innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of design with each and every creation.

Products featured: Soul V2, Swell, Acoustic Pods, Radial Pod, Radial Screen, Vertigo 3.0 (coming soon), Virtu SV, Lemoinex, Decibel 43, Forum

Yong Yook Seng, managing director of bristol group of companies
Our Managing Director and Chief of Design, Mr Yong Yook Seng with a client at Archidex

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